Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Chet Nichols - Time Loop (1972 us, impressive folk counrtry psych rock)

In America and really worldwide in the early to late 70s the solo artist or if you like "Singer Songwriter" came into his or her own with classic releases by the likes of Emmit Rhodes, Carole King, Todd Rundgren, and lesser known masterful artists like Pete Dello and Clifford T. Ward who himself is only lesser known a bit in America. Now there didn't have to be a whole band it could be one person with a whole lot to say and a great melodic sense. If you take away the valuable content and the great melodic or creative sense you end up with some of the worst rubbish ever, but in my mind at least the vast array of early 70s solo artists could come up with some really brilliant and interesting results.

Chet Nichols probably got signed to Kama Sutra not because he was a later west coast San Francisco progressive folk psych mastermind who came up by himself with a full band sound on his one album TIME LOOP, but probably because Kama Sutra thought his eccentricities would be overlooked for the very pleasant and inventive voice he has. Far removed from James Taylor, Jim Croce, Leonard Cohen and the like Chet's music is more comparable to British pastoral on-the-edge folk psych progressive acts like Nick Drake, Northwind and their lead vocalist Brian Young and Dog That Bit People's John Caswell. 

Back in the beginning with Paul Major we didn't agree on everything and certainly he always had a weakness for the inept, but he loved and hopefully still loves great British records and that may be just one reason why he raved about Chet Nichols ages later championing his album TIME LOOP as a work of stunning somewhat strange folk psych.

When I first heard Nichols in 2002 I was very impressed by the album, but I couldn't believe despite the sparse nature that this was all one guy. Hearing him again now I can say that my opinion hasn't changed. That means something. Paul was onto something that really had merit with Chet Nichols and its a shame that some other dealers don't share his views on the album and have unjustly slammed it. Well to each his own pleasures and prejudices and I'd say this album belongs in every collection in my opinion.
by Blake Mitchner, Friday, March 1, 2013
1. Electra - 2:28
2. Water Sand Castles - 4:22
3. Who Stole The Ivy - 5:08
4. Lonely Women - 5:44
5. The Ballad Of Diamond Joe - 5:45
6. (Spinning On The) Time Loop - 3:18
7. Tell Me What The Count Is - 4:50
8. The Offing - 3:41
9. The Beetles Are Coming - 7:42
10.Quasar Sleeper - 1:42
Words and Music by Chet Nichols

*Chet Nichols - All Instruments except
*Nicky Hopkins - Piano
*Dave Garibaldi - Drums
*Pete Sears - Bass
*Leo Collignon - Electric Guitar