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Aaron Space - Aaron Space (1972 canada / italy, fine rough psych rock with southern taste, Vinyl edition)

Aaron Space was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Toronto, performing art rock with a touch of psychedelia and a pinch of 70's hard rock. The songs are energetic, fun, and the guitar is beautiful.

They released their first single, "Keep On Movin'," which featured Lisa Garber on bg vocals, b/w "The Visitor" in the fall of '71 to mixed reviews. It eeked its way up to #83 on some strong support from Toronto radio, where it stayed for three weeks. Recorded at Eastern Sound in Toronto and produced by John Stewart, their eponymous debut album followed early the next year, with the single, "Marsha" b/w "She Smiles" close behind.

After a series of short tours around central Canada, plans were being made for a follow-up album, some songs had been written, and some time in the studios had been spent. But with their deal with Warner on the brink of ending, the band imploded, and everyone went on to individual projects.
1. Keep On Moving (Jake Thomas) - 3:15
2. Silly Ceilings (Jake Thomas) - 5:01
3. When She Smiles (Jake Thomas) - 3:02
4. Man In A Yellow Car (Dave Moulaison, Jake Thomas) - 4:21
5. Marsha (Bob DiSalle) - 1:58
6. North Country Rock 'n' Roll (Jake Thomas) - 3:39
7. It Might Be You (Dave Moulaison, Gene Falbo, Bob DiSalle, Jake Thomas) - 3:05
8. The Loser (Dave Moulaison, Gene Falbo, Bob DiSalle, Jake Thomas) - 2:43
9. Fair Child (Dave Moulaison, Gene Falbo, Bob DiSalle, Jake Thomas) - 3:23
10.Rainbow Ride (Dave Moulaison, Gene Falbo, Bob DiSalle, Jake Thomas) - 5:05

Aaron Space
*Bob DiSalle - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Dave Moulaison - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Jake Thomas - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Gene Falbo - Bass Guitar, Vocals

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