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The Farm Band - The Farm Band (1972 us, excellent rural jam psych hippie folk rock, 2009 korean remaster)

When the Sixties came to a close, the dream of community, music, family and love continued  in the hearts of those who had lived through the cultural and psychedelic revolution.

Full of heart, passion, youth and a vision,  a handful of San Francisco seekers left in search of a new “back to the land” home.

In 1971, led by the spiritual teacher Stephen Gaskin, they eventually settled on 1750 acres in rural Tennessee to start their new lives together.

The Farm grew to 1,500 residents at its peak and included a school, book publishing company, soy dairy, solar electronics company, clinic and a revolutionary midwife services.

In addition to this there was music.  A lot of it.  There was a recording studio, band stages and a radio station.  Music was at the heart of the revolution and continues to play an important part in the community.

In the beginning what started out as a handful of musicians strumming in a barn with acoustic guitars and drums made from logs soon turned into The Farm Band. Their first album was recorded in 1971.

As a band they were committed to using music to bring people together and promote their message of peace and happiness.

From country twang to full psychedelic rock in the style of the Grateful Dead and Credence Clearwater Revival, they recorded 6 albums and performed hundreds of concerts across the US, Europe and England.

Every gig they performed was free, a fundamental tenet of their commitment to bringing music with a message to the people.
The Farm Band
1. Om - 2:36
2. Loving You - 10:16
3. Lord's Work (Thomas Dotzler) - 3:06
4. Keep Your Head Up High - 3:17
5. Being Here With You (Thomas Dotzler) - 11:51
6. Let It Ride - 12:05
7. Prayer - 2:51
8. I Believe It - 17:12
All songs written by Philip Schweitzer except where stated

The Farm Band
*Philip Schweitzer - Vocals, Guitar
*Joseph Rhodes - Guitar
*Walter Rabideau - Rhythm Guitar
*Mike Sullens - Bass 
*Dave Chalmers - Drums  
*Linda Hershfield - Vocals 
*Kay Marie Schweitze - Vocals