Friday, March 1, 2024

Aunt Mary - Janus (1973 norway, tremendous prog rock, 2022 digipak remaster)

Janus (the name of the guardian god of duality, the beginnings, the gates, with two different faces in Greek-Roman mythology, the month of January is named for Janus), is the third -and some say best- album by this great Norwegian band is a rarity and much sought-after among collectors of 70s progressive rock, both for its excellent musical content as well as its cover art. The first three tracks flow together as a kind of musical suite that is over 12 minutes long, and in which the musicians mix hard-rock with inspired progressive inflections. The captivating, guitar-heavy and bluesy style of Bjorn Christiansen plays a leading role, weaving aural tapestries with the moog and organ playing. 
1. Path Of Your Dream - 4:07
2. Mr. Kaye - 2:02
3. Nocturnal Voice - 6:07
4. For All Eternity - 6:54
5. Untitled - 0:40
6. Stumblin' Stone - 6:11
7. All We've Got To Do Is Dream - 2:54
8. Candles Of Heaven (Bengt Jenssen, Bjørn Christiansen, Svein Gundersen) - 5:28
9. What A Lovely Day (Svein Gundersen) - 5:14
All compositions by Bjørn Christiansen, Svein Gundersen except where noted

Aunt Mary
*Bjoern Christiansen - Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
*Bengt Jenssen - Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Mini-moog
*Svein Gundersen - Bass, Vocal
*Kjetil Stensvik - Drums, Vocal
*Arnhoff Girls - Handclaps