Monday, July 25, 2022

The Wailers - Outburst (1966 us, fine garage folk beat)

Wailers "Outburst" 1966 album for United Artists. By this time in the band's history, they had honed themselves into a tough-as-nails combo, more than capable of slugging it out toe to toe with any British beat group. Tracks like the opener "You Won't Lead Me On," "I Want to Walk With You," and "Out of Our Tree" show a band with an ability to update their sound and still have some guts in the process. Even though it's toward the end of the reign, here's another important chapter in the band's history worth picking up. 
by Cub Koda
1. You Won't Lead Me On - 2:23
2. I Want To Walk With You - 2:35
3. Think Kindly Baby - 2:55
4. Out Of Our Tree (Buck Ormsby, Kent Morrill, Ron Gardner) - 3:30
5. It's You Alone - 2:41
6. Bad Trip - 2:26
7. Hold - 2:30
8. My Girl - 2:36
9. Turn And Run (Kent Morrill, Ron Gardner) - 2:13
10.Sit In My Room - 2:32
11.Tears Don't Have To Fall - 2:50
12.I'm Looking Down At You - 1:55
All songs by R. Wayne Davies except where indicated

The Wailers
*Neil Anderson - Lead Guitar
*John Ormsby - Bass, Vocals
*Dave Roland - Drums, Vocals
*Kent Morrill - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
*Ron Gardner - Tenor Sax, Vocals