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Humble Pie - Thunderbox (1974 uk, awesome hard boogie glam rock, 2011 japan SHM remaster)

This incredible album was, the pinnacle of Humble Pie's career. A clean crisp production coupled with Steve Marriot's voice at the top of his game makes for a true masterpiece of 70's blues rock. There's not a weak track on the record. From the moment it starts with the powerful "Thunderbox" until the end with "Oh La De Da", the album motors through with emotion, grace and swagger. While the boys do a few interesting covers on this record, like "Can't Stand the Rain", "Drift Away" and "No Money Down", it's the originals, like "Every Single Day", Ninety-Nine Pounds", "Rally with Ali" "No Way" and the aforementioned "Thunderbox" that really make the album move. "Groovin with Jesus" and "Dont Worry, Be Happy" are two other funky tunes that seem to jam on the same backbeat. One almost seems like a reprise of the other.

Overall, if you are interested in picking up a great, well produced and fun effort by the Pie, you can not go wrong with this collection. 
by T. DaPrato
1. Thunderbox (Steve Marriott, Dave Clempson)
2. Groovin' with Jesus (Steve Marriott)
3. I Can't Stand the Rain (Ann Peebles, Bernard Miller, Don Bryant)
4. Anna (Go to Him) (Arthur Alexander)
5. No Way (Steve Marriott, Greg Ridley)
6. Rally with Ali (Steve Marriott, Dave Clempson, Greg Ridley, Shirley)
7. Don't Worry, be Happy (Steve Marriott, Dave Clempson, Greg Ridley, Jerry Shirley)
8. Ninety-Nine Pounds (Don Bryant)
9. Every Single Day (Dave Clempson)
10.No Money Down (Chuck Berry)
11.Drift Away (Mentor Williams)
12.Oh La-De-Da (Phillip Mitchell)

Humble Pie
*Greg Ridley - Bass, Vocals
*Jerry Shirley - Vocals, Drums
*Steve Marriott - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
*Dave "Clem" Clempson - Guitar
*Mel Collins - Horn
*Carlena Williams -Vocals
*Venetta Fields - Vocals
*Billie Barnum - Vocals

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