Friday, January 26, 2018

Jake - The Jake Album Dedication (1973 us, awesome acid folk psych rock, Vinyl release)

Folk/Psych LP on private Banana record label. Reportedly only 500 were made. This LP starts with great psych tracks that include melodic acid guitar, fuzz guitar and harmony vocals. Side 2 is more melodic rural psych, with electric acid leads and amazing melodies.

"amazing madison, wisconsin based private press, one of the top discoveries of the past few years. starts off with a couple of great rural dreamy psych tracks with melodic acid guitar, and gradually gets trippier and trippier. "devils fate" and "lady liz" are haunting, creepy downer tracks with uptempo drums and electric guitar. "may day" is heavy melodic psych with fuzz guitar and harmony vocals. side 2 is more stoned melodic rural psych, with electric acid leads, amazing melodies and effects.
1. Boono's Song (Richard Middleton, Jon Hunsbuser) - 3:24
2. Minneapolis (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts) - 2:28
3. Devil's Fate (Richard Middleton, Jon Hunsbuser) - 5:01
4. Lady Liz (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts) - 5:41
5. Mayday (Richard Middleton, Jon Hunsbuser) - 4:13
6. Sweet Blue Child (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts) - 2:39
7. Off The Track (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts, Jon Hunsbuser) - 4:16
8. Can Tell (Richard Middleton, Jon Hunsbuser) - 4:25
9. Let's All Move You (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts) - 5:49
10.Someone's Love (Richard Middleton, Jeff Roberts) - 2:48

The Jake
*Jeff Roberts - Guitar, Vocals
*Jon Hunsbuser - Guitar, Vocals
*Mike Hazelwood - Bass, Vocals
*Richard Middleton - Drums, Vocals

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