Saturday, February 27, 2021

Adamkosky - In Your Eye (1973 us, beautiful folk rock, 2008 korean remaster)

Lonely melodic private press 1973 USA album. The recording session took eleven hours and there were no second takes. Low-fi crude sound with vocals, some solo tracks, some with further instrumentation. Its from a folk-blues tradition but sometimes sounds a bit like 70s singer-songwriter stuff by a 19-year-old who couldnt afford to hire a band. It is laid back but ethereal, very homemade sounding with a weird b/w cover of a bullet in the eyeball of the moon. Sparse music with creepy vocals that sound resigned to the problems of existence. Local pressing with three hundred pressed. 
1. Never Thought - 3:33
2. Broken Hours, Wasted Days - 1:47
3. Sand Castle Skies - 1:51
4. Steam - 2:17
5. Last Winter's Fridays - 4:07
6. Armadillo Hitchhike Blues (Water Adamkosky, Dennis Smith) - 2:26
7. One More Time - 1:22
8. Shadows - 2:44
9. Sunset Of A Dying Day - 3:16
10.Afterthoughts - 2:15
11.Dreams - 1:12
All songs by Michael Adamkosky, Erich Mees except where stated

*Michael Admkosky - Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Mandolin
*Ray Pauken - Banjo