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Art Boys Collection - Stoned Wall (1972 austria, delightful blend of beat psych hippie folk with prog tinges, 2001 remaster)

"Mostrocker" Gerhard Egger and drummer H. J. Holz  met in a student session in Linz and startet their Beatband with a stylemixing flower-power sound. The singles were on heavy rotation on the Austrian Hit-Radio Ö3 and the song "Jesus said" entered the Top 3 in the Austrian Discparade. The Art Boys recorded there one and only album "stoned wall" in 1971/72. During the recording they changed the sound to a stylemixing progressiv rock. Organ player Walter Holz got problems with journalists from the Austrian Radio Broadcasting and the band was banned by them.

Gerhard Egger left the band and Hubert Perfahl came as his follower. Before he quit, Egger finished the recording of the album "Stoned Wall" as songwriter, singer and guitarplayer. The Art Boys continued and played opening stages for Golden Earring and Deep Purple. The band finally disbanded and 1972 and stopped playing live in 1975.

After fourty years Gerhard Egger and H. J. Holz discuss a reunion to record a second album with songs, Egger had written for the band in 1972.
1. Freedom, Voice Of My Soul - 3:10
2. Stoned Wall - 4:38
3. Roll Engine Roll - 3:50
4. Flying Machine - 4:10
5. Love - 3:45
6. All My Life (Hans Joachim Holz) - 2:05
7. I'm Riding On An Arrow - 3:15
8. Wait For The Days - 3:30
9. Happy Woman - 3:18
10.Station Nowhere - 4:27
11.In A Foreign Country (Hans Joachim Holz) - 2:27
12.Jesus Said - 3:00
13.Lemon Tree - 2:35
14.A Walk In The Rain - 3:00
15.Life Is A Dream - 3:06
16.United Blues Generation - 3:20
All songs by Gerhard Egger except where stated

The Art Boys Collection
*Gerhard Egger (Mostrocker) - Vocal, Guitar, (1969-1972)
*Hans Joachim Holz - Vocal, Drums
*Walter Holz - Organ
*Gerhard Bauer - Vocal, Guitar
*Hans Aigner - Bass
*Hubert Perfahl - Guitar (1972-1975)

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