Thursday, August 25, 2022

Link Wray - Be What You Want To (1973 us, awesome country guitar rock, 2003 remaster)

Link Wray's release prior to Be What You Want To had proven the man's versatility. The self-titled album had obvious influences coming from many different genres including R&B, country, blues, and, of course, rock. Be What You Want To continues this trend. Country-rock, country, rock & roll; it's all here. This diverse range of genres may not be to everyone's liking, however, and the album must be approached with an open mind.

Wray employed a huge number of musicians to play on Be What You Want To, including Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. Of course, the main part of the talent comes from Link Wray himself. His amazing ability as lyricist, songwriter, and musician is noticeably brought to the fore on this album. Be What You Want To is consistently enjoyable to listen to and always impressive musically. The man's growling vocals and rocking guitar will undoubtedly enthrall many first-time listeners and also keep longtime fans happy. 
by Ben Davies
1. Be What You Want To - 5:57
2. All Cried Out (Mann P. Curtis, Michel Deborah) - 3:48
3. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price) - 2:41
4. Tucson, Arizona (Doug Wray) - 4:18
5. Riverbend - 2:40
6. You Walked By - 3:17
7. Walk Easy, Walk Slow - 5:20
8. All the Love in My Life - 4:05
9. You Really Got a Hold on Me - 4:04
10.Shine the Light - 4:43
11.Morning - 2:02 
All compostions by Link Wray except where indicated

*Link Wray - Guitar, Vocals 
*Teressa Adams - Cello
*Paul Barlow - Bass
*Bobby Black - Steel Guitar
*David Bromberg - Electric Guitar
*Jules Broussard - Alto, Tenor Saxophones
*David Coffin - Background Vocals
*Henry Coleman - Background Vocals
*Commander Cody - Piano
*Keith Crossan - Background Vocals
*Frank Demme - Background Vocals
*Lance Dickerson - Drums
*Greg Douglass - Slide Guitar
*Diane Earl - Background Vocals
*George Frayne - Keyboards
*Robert Frost - Background Vocals
*Jerry Garcia - Guitar, Pedal Steel
*Tom Harrell - Trumpet
*Zeller Hurd - Background Vocals
*Carl Johnson - Background Vocals
*Peter Kaukonen - Electric Guitar
*Thomas Jefferson Kaye - Background Vocals
*Greg Kenney - Background Vocals
*Kip Maercklein - Bass
*Barbara Mauritz - Background Vocals
*John McFee - Guitar (Electric)
*Chris Michie - Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Vocals
*Dorothy Morrison - Background Vocals
*Ralph Payne - Background Vocals
*Jules Rowell - Trombone 
*Nathan Rubin - Violin
*Tom Salisbury - Clavinet, Horn Arrangements, Organ, Piano, String Arrangements, Background Vocals
*Jack Schroer - Baritone Sax
*Rick Shlosser - Drums
*Andy Stein - Fiddle
*Bruce Steinberg - Harmonica