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rep> Sweet Maya – Sweet Maya (1977 us, fabulous funky jazz prog silky rock, 2016 bonus tracks digipak remaster)

The story of Sweet Maya is one that spans 36 years and involves a set of relationships that have remain strong despite time and distance. The first chapter started in 1968 when Gail met John. As she recalls it "I met John prior to graduation and my most favorite memories involve a trip to a nightclub to hear a hot band, John being invited on stage to jam, and his horn turning the crowd upside down!"

It was after Gail and John came to Kalamazoo that the third piece of the Sweet Maya puzzle moved into place. As Gail describes it "I met Janice Lakers in a music theory class, we were the top two students. We got together one evening to sing and that's all it took. In short time we formed a folk duo, both of us playing guitars and Janice doubling on flute and percussion. John was always on the sidelines of our duo, helping us with arrangements, and sitting in with us when he could." It was with the formation of this trio that the core of Sweet Maya was formed and plans for expansion were laid. Tom Davis, a drummer John worked with in a previous group quickly followed by guitarist/bassist Tom Hill. 

Thus Sweet Maya was born. Where there had only been two now there were five but the sound of the band continued to be a work in progress. Feeling the need for a dedicated bassist and a more driving sound, the core Mayans sent out a call to audition bass players from around the area. Many tried out and all had their advantages yet in the end one player stood out among the rest, securing a sought after place in a successful local band. 

The one selected was Mark Bowen completing the six member, multiinstrumentalist band. Maya strived towards continuous improvement and as the rhythm section continued to strengthen the inherent weakness became the lack of a solid guitar soloist. Tom Hill, who had several creative differences with the core group, left the band as Sweet Maya ushered in the last piece of the puzzle, Rob Hayes. This formed the band that most remember as Sweet Maya and its performances drew huge audiences earning it a reputation as one of the foremost musical groups in the mid-western United States.

One of the lasting results of this musical endeavor was the recording and production of this LP, originally pressed in vinyl in 1977. And thanks to a still thriving fan base Sweet Maya continues to gather every few years to perform in concert with the next scheduled for fall of 2011. The band will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and plans to introduce several new compositions to delight their fans.
by Mark Bowen, 2010
1. Good Day (Rob Hayes) - 2:29
2. Louisiana Song (Gail Baker)  - 3:30
3. Gotta Find Out (John Chamberlin)  - 5:25
4. Crazy Coldness (Gail Baker)  - 4:36
5. Surround Me (Gail Baker, Rob Hayes)  - 3:11
6. The Earth Has Music (Rob Hayes)  - 3:56
7. Papa Taco (Rob Hayes)  - 2:45
8. Illusion (John Chamberlin)  - 5:04
9. People Suite (Instrumental) (Rob Hayes, John Chamberlin, Mark Bowen)  - 7:11 
10.Angisa Alusa (Traditional) - 4:17
11.Povo (Freddie Hubbard) - 6:18

Sweet Maya
*Janice Lakers - Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Percussion
*Gail Baker - Guitar, Vocals
*John Chamberlin - Vocals, Flute, Saxophone, Piano
*Tom Davis - Drums
*Mark Bowen - Bass
*Rob Hayes - Guitar, Keyboards, Flute, Harmonica, Vocals

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