Sunday, September 4, 2022

Hello People - Have You Seen The Light (1971 us, brilliant baroque psych, 2016 korean remaster)

W. S. "Sonny" Tongue "Country" had done some time in prison in the mid-1960s for draft resistance. After the first record was issued by the band, Sonny concluded he'd had enough as a performer and decided to become a full-time songwriter. Peter Weston, a singer/songwriter/guitarist, replaced him in the group. They recorded a song that Sonny wrote titled Anthem that was about his imprisonment. They toured nationwide and performed at major rock venues of the time. In 1969 Anthem went on the charts in Cleveland and then the song was banned from airplay. It was also banned from airplay in Memphis and Atlanta markets. The label then pulled it from production.

The group reorganized and moved to the Los Angeles area during the early 1970s. N.D. Smart became the drummer in the band. They toured on shows with comedians Richard Pryor and George Carlin. They even appeared on a show with crooner Rudy Vallee. Both Peter Weston and Michael Sagarese left the band leaving it a four-piece group for the remainder of its days.

The Hello People became part of Todd Rundgren's touring group in the '70s. During this period George Kiernan joined the group as an extra mime performer holding signs for the group.

The Hello People continued as a group through the seventies then went their separate ways.
1. Pass Me By (Eddie Mottau, Greg Geddes, Larry Tasse) - 3:28
2. Good Time Girl - 2:56
3. Old Time Songs - 3:15
4. Poet (Jay Senter) - 2:50
5. Wheat Germ (Jay Senter) - 4:07
6. Fun Area - 2:43
7. Look What I've Gone And Done To Me - 2:36
8. Old Ohio Moon - 2:55
9. Take Me Home Jimmy - 3:07
10.Maybe We Should Have Had Rain - 2:26
11.Have You Seen The Light - 0:41
All songs by Peter Weston, Greg Geddes, Bobby Sedita, Larry Tassi, Michael Sagarese, N.D. Smart II except where stated 

The Hello People
*Peter Weston - Vocals, Guitar
*Greg Geddes "Smoothie" - Bass, Vocal
*Bobby Sedita "Goodfellow" - Guitar, Vocal
*Larry Tasse "Much More" - Keyboards, Vocal
*Michael Sagarese "Wry One" - Flute
*N.D. Smart II - Drums