Saturday, September 17, 2022

Orion Express - Orion Express (1975 us, pleasant southern boogie rock, 2005 release)

The self-titled debut by Orion Express was released in 1975 on the Round Mound Of Sound label. Hailing from California, Orion Express deliver rural hard psych/rock with acid guitar jamming. As with many of the 'back woods' guitar bands of that era the influences of Greg Allman and the Allman Brothers are never far away, with swirling keyboards, wailing leads, bluesy southern rock. great harp work... you can tell these guys were playing with the wind in their hair and the West coast sun in their faces!! Vocal comparisons are hard to tie down but Greg Allman, Paul Rodgers and a less warbly Roger Chapman all spring to mind!! Its good time summer boogie... the way it should be played.
1. Hey Mama  (Mick Martin) - 2:20
2. Blackness of Your Thoughts (Robbie Smith) - 4:19
3. Don't Give Up On Me  (Mick Martin) - 4:50
4. Gotta Get the First Plane Home (Ray Davies) - 1:56
5. Mercury Blues (Steve Miller, K.C. Douglas) - 2:14
6. Hard Goin' Up (Bettye Crutcher) - 5:56
7. Down the Rail  (Mick Martin) - 2:18
8. Time for Livin' (Robbie Smith) - 2:54
9. Another Bar Song (For Audrey) (Mick Martin) - 3:00
10.Your Mind Is On Vacation (Mose Allison) - 1:56
11.Misty Daydreams (Robbie Smith) - 3:46
12.Sunshine Lady (Richard Russom, Mick Martin) - 4:42
13.Beef Patties (Robbie Smith) - 1:57 

Orion Express
*Jim Damiano - Lead Guitar, Vocals 
*David Jolly - Drums 
*Mick Martin - Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion 
*Richard Russom - Keyboards, Backing Vocals 
*Steve Schofer - Bass 
*Robbie Smith - Guitar, Backing Vocals