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Allan Taylor - The American Album / Cajun Moon (1973/76 uk, nice warm country folk rock, 2000 edition)

Moving to New York in 1972, Taylor recorded The American Album with Nashville and Los Angeles session players. He remained in the United States through 1974. Returning to England, Taylor formed a group, Cajun Moon, featuring fiddler Brian Golbey and keyboard player Jon Gillaspie, to perform American folk and roots music. 

Signed by Chrysalis in May 1976 following a tour with Steeleye Span, the future seemed secure for Taylor and the group. Their dreams faded, however, when Taylor damaged his vocal cords and was forced to rest for three months. The hiatus put an end to the band's momentum. By the time he had healed from surgery and was ready to return, the group had folded. Resuming his solo career, Taylor signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis and a recording deal with Rubber Records. His first new album, The Traveller, featured instrumental backing by melodeon and accordion player John Kirkpatrick. The album received the Grand Prix du Disque de Montreux for Best European Folk Album in 1980. Taylor spent much of the '80s and early '90s as a student. 

Although he continued to record, much of his focus was devoted to his studies. He received a bachelor's degree from Leeds University in 1983, a master's from Lancaster University in 1985, and a doctorate from Queens University in Belfast in 1993. His thesis explored the creative process and the power and aesthetics of song. 
by Craig Harris
1. Get Down (The Proud And Noble Savage) - 5:00
2. Something's Changed - 3:16
3. Old Joe - 3:55
4. The City - 3:49
5. The Story - 4:26
6. My Father's Room - 2:58
7. Always You - 2:22
8. Lavinia Forsythe-Jones - 5:46
9. Only A Few - 3:15
10.Lead On, I'll Follow (Belfast '71) - 4:25 
11.Calling On - 2:56
12.Close To The Edge - 3:16
13.Back Again - 3:20
14.Lady Of Pleasure - 3:07
15.Darkness In The Valley (Allan Taylor, Brian Golbey) - 3:38
16.Mistress Music - 3:55
17.Misty On The Water - 4:07
18.Fiddler John (Allan Taylor, Jim Parker, Muriel Holland) - 3:12
19.Sawtooth Line (Allan Taylor, Brian Golbey) - 2:32
20.Losers Can Be Winners (Allan Taylor, Brian Golbey, Jon Gillaspie) - 3:10
All songs by Allan Taylor escept where stated
Tracks 1-10 from "The American Album" 1973
Tracks 11-20 as The Cajun Moon 1976

1973  The American Album
*Allan Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
*James E. Bond Jr. - Bass, Tuba 
*John P. Guerin - Drums, Percussion 
*Michael S. Omartian - Keyboards
*Billy Riley - Vocals 
*Billy Sanford - Guitar, Mandolin
*David Briggs - Keyboards 
*Jerry Carrigan - Drums 
*James Colvard - Guitar 
*Johnny Gimble - Fiddle 
*Karl Himmel - Drums 
*D. Kelso Herston - Guitar, Bass 
*Larry Butler - Keyboards 
*Mike Leech - Guitar, Harmonica 
*Norman Keith Spicher - Fiddle 
*Norman P. Wade - Vocals
*Reggie Young - Guitar 
*Steve Miller - Guitar  
*Tommy Cogbill - Bass  
*Tommy Williams - Saxophone, Flute
*John Buck Wilkin - Vocals
*Bergen White - Vocals
*Don Gant - Vocals
*James E. Cason - Vocals
*Bryan David Garofalo - Vocals 
*Nick Van Maarth - Vocals 
*Peter G.D. Jameson - Vocals 
*Robert Wachtel - Vocals
*Mary McCaslin - Vocals 
*Spanky McFarlane - Vocals

1976  Cajun Moon
*Brian Golbey - Guitar, Vocals, Fiddle, Viola
*Jon Gillaspie - Keyboards, Woodwind
*Allan Taylor - Vocals, Guitar