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The Hunt - The Hunt (1977 canada, tough symphonic prog rock)

Originally released on the Daffodil Records label in 1977, the debut self-titled album by Toronto rockers Hunt became an immediate hit in Texas of all places but was virtually ignored in Canada and the rest of the U.S. Formed from the ashes of the early-'70s band Dillinger, Hunt also featured drummer Paul Kersey who had formerly played with the Canadian hard rock stalwarts Max Webster. 

The music of Hunt on this debut features a heavy organ and guitar lead with elements of progressive rock in the form of synthesizers, strings, and even a flute on a number of songs. Sounding very similar to such popular bands of the mid-'70s such as Rush, Kansas, Styx, and even Jethro Tull in odd moments, the band showed potential to become international stars. The band even included a song sung in French on the album! Unfortunately, it was the late '70s and disco was dominating the charts and punk was beginning to take hold on the music scene; hard rock and heavy metal music were starting to lose popularity. 

Internal strife within the band lead to Hunt being reduced to a trio for the next album, Back on the Hunt, which was not to be released until three years later . This release by Unidisc is a straight reissue of the original album at a budget price and contains no bonus tracks. 
by Keith Pettipas
1. I Was Only Dreaming (Brian Gagnon, Paul Cockburn) - 4:25
2. A Song For A New Day (Brian Gagnon, Paul Cockburn) - 5:59
3. Little Miss Perfection (Brian Gagnon, Paul Cockburn) - 3:12
4. I Want To Be King (Brian Gagnon, Paul Cockburn) - 4:55
5. Faces (Jacques Harrisson) - 4:28
6. Billy (Brian Gagnon) - 3:39
7. Sent Me Away (Brian Gagnon) - 4:08
8. On Revient (Tout Le Temps)  (Jacques Harrisson) - 3:33
9. Sad Song (Brian Gagnon) - 4:15

The Hunt
*Brian Gagnon - Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
*Jacques Harrisson - Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Flute
*Paul Cockburn - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
*Gerry Mosby - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
*Paul Kersey - Drums, Percussion