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Tongue - Keep On Truckin´ With Tounge (1969 us, rough blues psych rock, 2000 expanded issue)

Founded in 1967 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout by singer/guitarist Paul Rabbitt and bass player Bob ‘Hippie’ Collins, the group was originally known as the Tennis Shoe Tongue Band. … (The band) quickly became student body favorites for its blues-based hard rock sound and ferocious live shows. …

“Tongue toured extensively with another Wisconsin band, Soup, and opened shows for many headliners on the Midwest concert circuit. Tongue toured with the Cleveland-based rock band James Gang, featuring Joe Walsh, and played with Chuck Berry, Cheap Trick, Michigan’s own Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper. … After gigging around the Midwest for a decade, the Tongue called it quits in 1976.
by Steve Seymour
1. Homely Man Blues (Paul Rabbitt) - 3:44
2. Get Your Shit Together (Paul Rabbitt) - 2:28
3. The Earth Song (Paul Rabbitt, Bob Collins) - 7:00
4. The Prophet (Paul Rabbitt) - 3:45
5. Sidewalk Celebration (Paul Rabbitt) - 3:13
6. Slap Her Down Again Paw (Alice Cornett, Eddie Asherman, Polly Arnold) - 0:26
7. Every Time (Mick Larson, Paul Rabbitt) - 3:02
8. Get Down (Dick Webber, Paul Rabbitt, Bob Collins, Mick Larson) - 3:00
9. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) - 7:29
10.Jazz On The Rag (Paul Rabbitt) - 2:39
11.Keep On Truckin' (Donovan Leitch) - 3:20
12.Hashish (Paul Rabbitt) - 0:04
13.Stained Glass Window (Paul Rabbitt) - 4:43
14.Hey Hey Moma (Paul Rabbitt, Mick Larson, Bob Collins) - 2:13
Bonus Tracks 13-14

*Bob "Hippie" Collins - Bass, Vocals
*Paul Rabbitt - Vocals, Guitar
*Mick Larson - Keyboards
*Dick Webber - Drums

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