Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Hoover - Hoover (1969 us, remarkable psych folk rock)

Beautiful and well-produced chamber/psych folk lp from Nashville. The music is soft and often melancholic, especially when driven by the small string section. The result is less psychedelic than the liner notes and the laconic and direct Hoover talking would suggest at first.

The LP is one of the few produced by Chuck Glaser from the band Tompall Glaser & The Glaser Brothers. Also worth mentioning the album front cover and his photographer, Bill Grine, who took many iconic cover photos for artists such as Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings…

“Willis Hoover was born in Jackson County, Missouri and raised in Lamoni, Iowa and Shenandoah, Iowa. After starting out as a coffeehouse folk singer as a teenager, Hoover moved to Nashville in the 1960s and became a songwriter. Later he became a recording artist for Monument Records, Epic Records, and Elektra Records in the late 1960s and early 1970s.”
by Witanfols, November 23, 2017
1. I'll Say My Words - 4:34
2. Leave That For Memories - 3:11
3. Kommst Du Doch Mit Mir (Come With Me) - 2:55
4. That's How A Woman's S'Posed To Be - 2:59
5. Free To Run Free - 3:42
6. All That Keeps Ya Going - 2:25
7. I'm Not That Kind Of Man - 3:13
8. One Man's Family - 2:06
9. Games - 3:04
10.Theme From "Tick Tick Tick" (Set Yourself Free) - 6:40
All songs by Willis Hoover

*Willis Hoover - Vocals Guitar