Thursday, November 22, 2018

Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen (1969 us, awesome west coast psych country rock, 2007 remaster with bonus tracks)

This was to be Moby Grape's last album for Columbia. The record company separated the group from long time friend and producer David Rubinson.

Truly Fine Citizen was produced in Nashville by the legendary Bob Johnston [supposedly in three days]. The band is down to a trio [Peter Lewis, Jerry Miller, and Don Stevenson]. Johnston brings in session man Bob Moore to play bass. This album shows their facility with country-rock, a direction hinted at on Moby Grape 69.

Bright singing and vocal harmonies and a set of very good songs make this album a winner. Johnson has given Truly Fine Citizen an atmospheric sound and it all pulls together into a nice tight package.
It's a must album for Moby Grape fans, and collectors of late sixties country rock. 
by Allan J Moore
1. Changes, Circles Spinning (Peter Lewis) - 2:27
2. Looper (Peter Lewis) - 3:02
3. Truly Fine Citizen (Tim Dell’Ara) - 1:47
4. Beautiful Is Beautiful (Tim Dell’Ara) - 2:29
5. Love Song (Tim Dell’Ara) - 2:22
6. Right Before My Eyes (Peter Lewis) - 2:02
7. Open Up Your Heart (Tim Dell’Ara) - 2:36
8. Now I Know High (Peter Lewis) - 6:10
9. Treat Me Bad (Tim Dell’Ara) - 2:17
10.Tongue-Tied (Jerry Miller, Skip Spence) - 2:01
11.Love Song, Part Two (Tim Dell’Ara) - 2:41
12.Rounder (Live) (Skip Spence) - 2:02
13.Miller’s Blues (Live) (Jerry Miller, Bob Mosley) - 6:06
14.Changes (Live) (Jerry Miller,, Don Stevenson) - 4:17
15.Skip’s Song (Seeing Demo) (Skip Spence) - 3:26
16.Looper (Demo, Previously Unreleased) (Peter Lewis) - 2:06
17.Soul Stew (Instrumental, Previously Unreleased) (Bob Mosley) - 2:18
18.Cockatoo Blues (Tongue-Tied Demo, Previously Unreleased) (Jerry Miller, Skip Spence) - 3:41

Moby Grape
*Peter Lewis - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Jerry Miller - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Don Stevenson - Drums, Vocals
*Bob Moore - Bass

1966-69  Live (Sundazed digipack issue)
1967  Moby Grape - Moby Grape (2007 remaster)
1967-68  The Place And The Time (2009 Sundazed release)
1969  Wow (Sundazed Issue)
1969  Moby Grape - Moby Grape 69' (2007 remaster and expanded)
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