Saturday, December 16, 2023

Moxy - Moxy II (1976 canada, good hard rock, 2003 remaster)

The original version of Moxy was actually one of a number of groups Buzz Shearman had been in. After the breakup of Sherman & Peabody (named after the cartoon ‘Mr Peabody’s Improbable History’), which also featured Greg Godovitz (Fludd & Goddo) and Gil Moore (Triumph) – he bounced around a few other Ontario groups which included Flapping. But when the nucleus of that group left Hamilton to become Ian Thomas‘ band Tranquility Base, Shearman returned to Toronto and joined the already-established Leigh-Ashford.

Following that bands’ demise in ’73, he hooked up with guitarist Earl Johnson and drummer Bill Wade, who he’d played with before in Leigh-Ashford. They added Kim Frased on bass and began playing together in the spring of ’74, still calling themselves Leigh-Ashford and carrying on the tradition of the ‘original’ band of putting on one of rock’s better live shows without all the ‘fluff’. After problems left them bassist-less, Johnson recommended Terry Juric, who he and Wade had played with in Outlaw Music. A name change later and they released “Can’t You See I’m A Star” as a single for Yorkville Records in ’74.

They landed a deal with Polydor the next year and flew to New York to record their first album with producer Mark Smith. While in The Big Apple, the rock-Gods were smiling. Legendary guitarist Tommy Bolin (James Gang, Deep Purple) happened to be in the studios and ended up working with them on the record.

The eponymous debut was released that summer, with “Fantasy” as the first single. When they returned to Toronto they recruited Buddy Caine as a second guitarist and in no time at all they’d become regulars on the Ontario bar circuit, quickly gaining a reputation as a no-nonsense, to-the-bones rock band. MOXY II came out a year later and spawned the hit single “Take It Or Leave It”. Their simple and blunt approach to music earned them several ‘hot tour pockets’, including Texas – where they travelled with Triumph – another Dixie-land fave.

Tragedy struck in 1983 when Shearman died in a motorcycle accident. 
by Danny Bilan
1. Cause There's Another (Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman) - 3:45
2. Take It Or Leave It (Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman) - 3:43
3. Through The Storm (Earl Johnson) - 4:00
4. One More Heartbreak (Earl Johnson) - 2:38
5. Slippin' Out (Bill Wade, Earl Johnson, Terry Juric) - 4:02
6. Midnight Flight (Earl Johnson) - 3:30
7. Change In My Life (Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman) - 4:38
8. Tryin' Just For You (Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman) - 4:30
9. Wet Suit (Bill Wade, Buddy Caine, Buzz Shearman, Terry Juric) - 4:54

*Buzz Shearman - Vocals 
*Earl Johnson - Lead, Slide Guitars
*Terry Juric - Bass 
*Bill Wade - Drums
*Buddy Caine - Electric, Acoustic Guitars
*Wisconsin Kid - Backing Vocals
*Mika Sharun - Backing Vocals
*Steve Byron - Backing Vocals