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Warhorse - Warhorse (1970 uk, excellent heavy prog rock, 2010 remastered with bonus tracks)

in November 1970, a new album came along that you just knew was destined to fulfill every last vertiginous criteria for which Vertigo was renowned. It was by Warhorse, and boy, it was heavy! The fun faded in on neoclassical Hammond organ, a dark lilt that sounded as though it was recorded from an immense distance - so immense that when the rest of the band burst in, just under a minute into the melody, even the phonograph needle jumped in shock... The connection to the Purple family tree remains most people's immediate introduction to Warhorse today...contemporary reviews would most commonly compare Warhorse to labelmates Black Sabbath. In fact modern ears will discern more resemblance to (Nick) Simper's old buddies in Deep Purple...almost everything that Purple would accomplish on 1971's Fireball and beyond was already in place in 1970, courtesy of Warhorse... 
by Dave Thompson, "Goldmine" 26.2.99 
1. Vulture Blood - 6:12
2. No Chance - 6:22
3. Burning - 6:17
4. St.Louis (George Young, Harry Vanda) - 3:50
5. Ritual - 4:54
6. Solitude - 8:48
7. Woman Of The Devil - 7:16
8. Miss Jane - 3:38
9. Ritual (Live) - 5:08
10.Solitude (Live) - 4:54
11.Woman Of The Devil (Live) - 6:47
12.Burning (Live) - 6:10
All songs by Warhorse except where stated

*Ashley Holt - Vocals
*Ged Peck - Guitar
*Mac Poole - Drums
*Nick Simper - Bass
*Frank Wilson - Keyboards

1972  Warhorse - Red Sea (2010 remaster with bonus tracks)

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