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Nobody's Business - Nobody's Business (1978 uk / us, solid hard groovin classic rock, 2007 bonus tracks remaster)

In the sleeve notes of Angel Air's reissue of Nobody's Business' sole, self-titled album, Tony Stevens explains that the group formed in response to "the need for a new and original rock band that could really play." The year was 1977, and he couldn't have been more wrong. The last thing the world, least of all Britain, needed was a new conglomerate of old rockers touting a warmed-over mixture of classic blues-splashed rock and funk. Outside the U.K. it might have been different, for the band certainly had the pedigree to excite attention.

Bassist Stevens had been a stalwart of both Savoy Brown and Foghat, while lead vocalist/percussionist Bobby Harrison was a founding member of Procol Harum, Freedom, and Snafu. The American members' pasts were less illustrious, but still intriguing. Guitarist Joe "Jammer" Wright began his career as a roadie in the '60s for some of rock's greatest legends, before moving into session work. Drummer Jerry Frank, brought in to replace original Business man Reg Isadore, had spanned the musical spectrum, from soul band the Babysitters to country-popper Gary Smith. 

The sleeve notes explain in detail how it all went wrong, with the album receiving only a Japanese release. But if Nobody's Business' timing was off back then, it may be nigh on perfect now. The set is tight, the music exciting, and the band's hybrid style is all the fashion at the moment. The moody, blues-laced "Losing You" and haunting "Unsettled Dust" should work a treat with the neo-proggers, the storming "Cut in Two" and stomping "Bleed Me Dry" equally so with the hard rockers, and "Living Up to Love" and "Doing the Best I Can" should appeal to the urban-funk crowds. "Looks Like I'm in Love" will boogie it big time in the frat houses, while the title track should easily cross over, much like Humble Pie did long ago. If an edited cut of that isn't the first choice for airplay, then the driving "Highway," one of a trio of bonus tracks, is the obvious choice.
by Jo-Ann Greene
1. Bleed Me Dry (Bobby Harrison, William Wright, Jerry Frank, Tony Stevens) - 4:25
2. Tell Me You Love Me (William Wright) - 2:59
3. Losing You (Bobby Harrison, Schaffer) -   4:23
4. Cut In Two (William Wright, Bobby Harrison) -   3:20
5. Living Up To Love (William Wright) - 3:09
6. Looks Like I'm In Love (William Wright) - 2:55
7. Unsettled Dust (Bobby Harrison, Tim Hinkley) - 6:10
8. White Boy Blue (William Wright) - 2:45
9. Doing The Best I Can (William Wright) - 3:26
10.Nobody's Business (Bobby Harrison, William Wright, Jerry Frank, Tony Stevens) - 3:23
11.Rainbow Bend (Bobby Harrison) - 3:14
12.Crucifer (Bobby Harrison, Tony Stevens) - 4:03
13.Highway (Bobby Harrison, Tony Stevens) - 3:29
Bonus Tracks 11-13

Nobodys Business
*Jerry Frank - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Bobby Harrison - Congas, Percussion, Vocals
*Joe Jammer (William Wright) - Guitar, Vocals
*Tony Stevens - Bass, Vocals

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