Monday, April 17, 2023

Michael Gately - Gately's Cafe (1972 us, wonderful folk soft rock, Al Kooper production feat Paul Kossoff, 2013 korean remaster)

Michael Gately's first album "Gately's Cafe", which left two wonderful works in the early 70's, known as the songwriting partner of Robert John, who is familiar with the soft rock masterpiece "If You Don't Want My Love", and Robert John also participates fully in this work. Produced by Al Kooper, not to mention the sense of songwriting, the whispering voice that cannot be imagined from this jacket and Al Cooper's wonderful arrangement match very well, boasting a high degree of perfection without any discarded songs. Gentle vocals and harmonies. Based on folk and blues, with good time feeling phrases and arrangements, the fresh appearance is a masterpiece that travels from Bliss Building to Greenwich Village to the West Coast. 

Al Kooper (for whom he seems to have returned the favour, appearing as a writer, arranger and backing vocalist on Kooper’s own records) but despite his links to better-known musicians, a berth on a major label, and the fact that it’s clear he was a highly distinctive singer-songwriter, with plenty of commercial promise, it seems none of Gately’s various releases left the kinds of mark they deserved to, and Gately himself eventually died of a heart condition in 1982 at the age of 39.
1. Introduction (My Heart Sings) - 2:07
2. The Way Your Love Is Going - 3:22
3. Love Of My Life (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 3:21
4. Karo - 2:00
5. Lonesome Song ('Bout Someone Who's Gone He's Got To Carry On I Wonder Can He Make It?) (Al Kooper, Phyllis Major) - 3:00
6. The Piano Player's (Al Kooper) - 4:40
7. Sometimes I Get A Notion (Gotta See The Country) - 2:10
8. You're What's Been Missing From My Life (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 3:00
9. Hook Another Horse (To Your Love Carriage) - 3:54
10.Over Now (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 2:45
11.Color All The World (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 5:30
Music and Words by Michael Gately except where stated

*Michael Gately - Vocals
*Robert John - Vocals
*Caleb Quaye - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Herbie Flowers - Bass
*Roger Pope - Drums, Body Percussion
*Paul Kossoff - Guitar 
*Ian Duck - Harmonica
*Al Kooper - Keyboards, Arranger
*Jerry Goodman - Violin