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James Gang - Newborn / Jesse Come Home (1975-76 us, pleasant classic rock, 2004 edition)

Tommy Bolin left the James Gang after the release of "Miami", leaving the band without a compelling lead guitarist once again. Fox and Peters broke up the group after his departure, but they re-formed a year later, adding guitarist Richard Shack and vocalist Bubba Keith. The new version of the James Gang released their first album, "Newborn", in 1975.

"Jesse Come Home" was the James Gang's final album, with new line up, Bubba Keith and Richard Shack left the band and replaced by Bob Webb and Phil Giallombardo. After "Jesse Come Home" failed to make the charts, Fox and Peters wisely decided to call it a day, disbanding the James Gang for the last time. 
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine 
1.Merry-Go-Round - 3:04
2.Gonna Get By (Bubba Keith, Mark Smith) - 3:57
3.Earthshaker (Bubba Keith) - 3:48
4.All I Have - 2:16
5.Watch It (Bubba Keith) - 3:32
6.Driftin' Dreamer - 3:31
7.Shoulda' Seen Your Face - 3:45
8.Come With Me - 2:33
9.Heartbreak Hotel (Mae Boren Axton, Tommy Durden) - 2:15
10.Red Satin Lover - 2:17
11.Cold Wind - 2:36
12.I Need Love (Phil Giallombardo) - 3:17
13.Another Year (Bob Webb) - 3:59
14.Feelin' Alright (Phil Giallombardo, Dale Peters, Bob Webb) - 3:26
15.Peasant Song (Phil Giallombardo) - 3:56
16.Hollywood Dream (Bob Webb) - 3:12
17.Love Hurts (Andrew Gold) - 3:29
18.Pick Up the Pizzas (Bob Webb) - 2:30
19.Stealin' The Show (Bob Webb) - 3:58
20.When I Was A Sailor (Phil Giallombardo) - 6:46
All songs by Bubba Keith, Richard Shack except where stated
Tracks 1-11 from "Newborn" LP 1975
Tracks 12-20 from "Jesse Come Home" LP 1976

James Gang 
Tracks 1-11
*Bubba Keith – Lead Vocals, Guitars
*Richard Shack – Guitars, Backing Vocals
*Dale Peters – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
*Jim Fox – Drums, Organ, Piano
*Al Perkins – Steel Guitar
*David Briggs – Organ, Piano
*Kenneth Hamann – Synthesizer
*George Ricci – Cello
*Don Brooks – Harmonica
Tracks 12-20
*Bob Webb – Guitars, Vocals
*Phil Giallombardo – Keyboards, Vocals, Piano
*Dale Peters – Bass, Backing Vocals, Percussion
*Jim Fox – Drums, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards
*Nelson Flaco Pedron – Percussion

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