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Kala - After Quintessence: The Complete Kala Recordings (1973 uk, fine post psych prog classic rock, 2010 remaster)

"During the period spanning 1969-1972, Quintessence were one of Britain's most powerful and most popular live acts. Immediately after leaving Quintessence, vocalist Phil 'Shiva' Jones and guitarist Dave 'Maha Dev' Coddling had formed Kala. Beset by bizarre personnel issues, and in the hands of a record label which somehow found defeat in the jaws of what should have been a victory for all concerned, Kala nevertheless managed to release one overlooked gem of an album and a couple of blistering live tracks during its brief existence. 

The album features some titles which were in a similiar vein to Quintessence, with others nodding towards the popular boogie and country-rock of contemporaries like the Faces. Now exquisitely remastered by Ron Geesin, with two previously unreleased live tracks and two brand new vocal takes, this CD debut of Kala's complete works has been compiled with the full cooperation of Phil and Dave. The accompanying 16-page full-color booklet includes extensive liner notes by Colin Harper, an interview with the band, and recollections on each track by Shiva Jones."
1. Travelling Home (Dave Codling) - 3:19
2. Sun (Tony Hill) - 4:20
3. Thirsty Generation (Dave Codling) - 4:57
4. Pearl - 6:31
5. Meditations - 7:15
6. Still Got Time - 5:55
7. Hallelujah - 2:54
8. Honey Of Love - 5:24
9. Come On Around To My House - 4:42
10.Before You Leave (Mick Cox) - 9:46
11.Going Down Slow (Chester Burnett) - 3:56
12.Honey Of Love - 5:40
13.Meditations - 7:17
14.Still Got Time - 5:58
All songs by Phil ‘Shiva’ Jones except where noted
Tracks 1-8 from the 1973 LP Kala
Tracks 9-10 from the 1973 LP Bradley's Roadsbow: Live At The Marquee
Tracks 11-12 Live in 1973 (previously unreleased)
Tracks 13-14 feature new vocals from Phil 'Shiva' Jones (previously unreleased)

*Dave Codling - Guitar
*Sid Gardner - Bass, Vocal Harmony
*Phil Jones - Guitar, Vocals
*Johnnie Miles - Drums, Vocal Harmony
*Les Nicol - Guitar, Vocal Harmony
*Perry Sinclair - Guitar, Vocal Harmony
*Peter Arneson - Piano
*John Barham - Brass Arrangement, Cello Arrangement
*Paul Bennett - Vocals
*Chris Brown - Guitar
*Glen Charles - Drums
*Carol Grimes - Vocals
*Gary Roberly - Keyboards
*Dave Skinner - Piano
*Jack Stevenson - Percussion
*O.C. - Bass

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