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Alexander's Timeless Bloozband - Alexander's Timeless Bloozband (1967 us, fascinating rough blues brass rock)

The Blues is an art form born of travail and hardship. The colorful and passionate folk of the Old South, bearing decades of mistreatment on their backs, found catharsis in a new art form - the Blues was born. As industry grew in the North, they moved to the cities. It was in the slums of these northern industrial centers that the Blues became set to the raucous, electrified tempo of modern urban life. Alexander's Timeless Bloozband has done more than merely copy older Blues styles. It has really investigated and branched out from the neuro-psychological, sociological, anthropological, bio- logical roots of Blues music. Alexander's has created a totally new music with all the emotional impact of the Blues and all the class of modern computerized American society. Here, truly, is a new art form - Alexander's timeless gift to the ages.
1. Help Me - 5:46
2. Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf) - 3:12
3. Guitar Song - 2:55
4. Favorite Things - 5:25
5. Sloppy Drunk (Lucille Bogan) - 4:24
6. #1 - 5:14
7. Swannoa Tunnel (Traditional) - 4:38
8. Sweet Little Angel (B.B. King) - 2:52
All songs by Tony Cary, Fritz Ashauer except where stated
Recorded Live At The Brother's Gallery in Goleta, August 1967

Alexander's Timeless Bloozband
*Dennis Geaney - Guitar, Bass 
*Spencer Conway - Drums 
*Larry Marks - Harmonica, Trombone, Vocal 
*Reed Lockhart - Piano, Organ, Bass, Alto Sax, Vocals 
*Charles Lamont - Piano, Organ, Bass, Guitar, French Horn, Bass Harmonica, Vocals