Thursday, January 21, 2016

Prudence - Tomorrow May Be Vanished/Drunk And Happy (1972-73 norway, beautiful folk psych prog rock)

Prudence was one the most important bands on the Norwegian prog scene in the 1970s, a scene that included the likes of Aunt Mary, Junipher Greene, Titanic, Popol Vuh (Ace), Ruphus, Folque and Høst. They fused rock with old party/dance music from Trøndelag and (on their last album) sang in their local dialect, thereby creating a rock style dubbed Trønderrock. 

The band signed with Polydor and released their first LP 'Tomorrow May Be Vanished', cryptically subtitled 'Victoria Så bærre pass dæ!' (Victoria so just watch out!) in 1972. The album received great reviews, in which the band was compared to greats as Jethro Tull and The Band…
1. North in the Country (Per Erik Wallum) - 4:16
2. Mild Grey Fog (Åge Aleksandersen) - 3:27
3. Tomorrow May Be Vanished (Per Erik Wallum) - 4:26
4. What Man Has Made of Man (Åge Aleksandersen) - 2:04
5. 14 Pages (Åge Aleksandersen) - 4:24
6. Going Through This Life (Åge Aleksandersen) - 4:01
7. Oh, Grandpa (Per Erik Wallum) - 3:40
8. Lost in the Forest (Åge Aleksandersen) - 2:16
9. Kerre Volin (Åge Aleksandersen) - 4:39
10.Daida (Åge Aleksandersen) - 4:02
11.Elsie Olivia (Per Erik Wallum) - 4:25
12.Sitting Bull (Åge Aleksandersen) - 3:54
13.Stones (Åge Aleksandersen) - 5:00
14.Poor Annabelle (Per Erik Wallum) - 2:38
15.Drunk and Happy (Terje Tysland) - 3:15
16.Sawmill (Åge Aleksandersen) - 3:22
17.Undeveloped Country Rag (Åge Aleksandersen) - 2:15
18.Bandwagon (Terje Tysland) - 3:55
19.Days Before (Åge Aleksandersen) - 3:27
20.I Hope We Never Get Too Serious About the Music So This Is Just a Joke (Åge Aleksandersen) - 5:49
21.Drunk and Happy (live 1975) (Terje Tysland) - 3:23

The Prudence 
*Åge Aleksandersen – Guitar, Vocals
*Per Erik Wallum – Flute, Vocals
*Terje Tysland – Guitar, Accordion, Vocals
*Kaare Skevik jr. – Drums
*Johan Tangen – Mandolin, Congas
*Kjell Ove Riseth – Bass

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