Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Excalibur - The First Album (1972 germany, fine bluesy hard rock, 2007 remaster)

Excalibur was a rock group, from Germany. The three members came from Mönchengladbach area. Werner Odenkirchen (guitar and vocals), Hartmut Scholgens (organ, bass and vocals), Charlie Terstappen (drums).They first and only album is musically somewhere between Tiger B. Smith and Black Sabbath, so on the one hand it is very influenced by the British hard rock of the time, but it also has nice krautrock elements.

Excalibur is a legendary sword. Who owns it is unbeatable. Just like King Arthur of England once received it from Merlin's hand. After the king's death, it was smashed into a mountain. From former Rattles and Wonderland drummer Dickie Tarrach. Excalibur is still sharp and invincible today. Hear it for yourself, Excalibur is unbeatable.
1. Light In The Dark - 6:05
2. Get Me, If You Want - 2:54
3. Zamuno (Hartmut Schölgens, Werner Odenkirchen) - 2:56
4. Run Through The Past - 3:58
5. Sure You Win - 4:27
6. Hollywood Dreams - 3:27
7. Questions (Hartmut Schölgens, Werner Odenkirchen) - 5:03
8. Don't Look Backwards - 5:02
9. Feelin's - 6:32
All songs by Werner Odenkirchen except where noted

*Werner Odenkirchen - Vocals, Lead Guitar 
*Hartmut Schölgens - Organ, Bass, Vocals 
*Manfred Terstappen - Drums