Friday, July 8, 2022

Triumph - In The Beginning (1976 canada, hard rock, 2010 remaster)

Before they were on par with Rush as Canada's prog-rock heroes, Triumph were earnestly forging away to develop their sound. Triumph (later released as In the Beginning...) captures just that: the band's debut recording while they were still finding and developing the formulas that would make them so successful. The opening "24 Hours a Day" wouldn't sound out of place during the finest moments of Boston's catalog, but the majority of the tunes found herein are highly informed by the presence of Led Zeppelin. Gil Moore's take on the infamous Bonham stutter kick of the bass drum, the exact chord progression found on the climax of "Stairway to Heaven" is also the anchor to "Don't Take My Life", and the comparisons go on and on. But that's not to say In the Beginning... is a total loss -- far from it. It's the cornerstone from which their house of prog-rock greatness was built.
by Rob Theakston
1. 24 Hours A Day (Rik Emmett) - 4:29
2. Be My Lover (Rik Emmett) - 3:19
3. Don't Take My Life (Gil Moore) - 5:02
4. Street Fighter (Gil Moore) - 3:28
5. Street Fighter Reprise (Gil Moore) - 3:02
6. What's Another Day Of  Rock 'N Roll (Gil Moore, James Brian Maloney, James Richard Huff, Mike Levine, Rik Emmett) - 4:51
7. Easy Life (Mike Levine) - 3:55
8. Let Me Get Next To You (Gil Moore) - 3:02
9. Blinding Light Show / Moonchild (Chris Brockway, Denton Young, Rik Emmett) - 8:44

*Rik Emmett - Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals
*Gil Moore - Drums, Vocals
*Michael Levine - Bass, Keyboards
*Laurie Delgrande - Keyboards
*James SK Wān - Bamboo Flute