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The Sonics - The Jerden Years (1966-69 us, impressive garage punk, 2001 digi pak remaster)

The original (and best known) Sonics lineup lasted for a total of three albums -- 1965's Here Are the Sonics, plus 1966's Boom and Introducing the Sonics. With the first two releases having been reissued on CD by the Norton label, the third release has become increasingly hard to come by over the years -- until it was issued in 2001 as part of the import release The Jerden Years 1966-69. 

The 30-track set is padded with post-Introducing the Sonics filler, but the Sonics were still firing on all cylinders by the time of their third album -- as such classic originals as "The Witch" are combined with a smattering of covers (Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man," etc.). While the extra tracks don't exactly measure up to the Sonics' classic tunes, Introducing the Sonics was one heck of a record, and hunting down a copy of The Jerden Years 1966-69 will allow you to complete your Sonics CD collection. 
by Greg Prato
1. The Witch (Gerald Roslie) - 2:42
2. You've Got Your Head On Backwards (Gerald Roslie) - 2:21
3. I'm A Man (Ellas McDaniel) - 2:59
4. On The Road Again (John Sebastian) - 1:45
5. Psycho (Gerald Roslie) - 2:11
6. Dirty Old Man (Gerry Roslie) - 2:16
7. I'm Going Home (Larry Parypa) - 2:24
8. High Time (Andy Parypa) - 1:45
9. I'm A Rolling Stone (Andy Parypa, Larry Parypa) - 2:22
10.Like No Other Man (Gerald Roslie) - 2:00
11.Maintaining My Cool (Gerald Roslie) - 1:51
12.Bama Lama Lu (Richard Penniman) - 2:38
13.Leave My Kitten Alone (James McDougal, Little Willie John, Titus Turner) - 2:41
14.Hanky Panky (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich) - 2:21
15.Diddy Wah Diddy (Willie Dixon, Ellas McDaniel) - 2:25
16.Anyway The Wind Blows (Pt. 1) (Frank Zappa) - 2:52
17.Anyway The Wind Blows (Pt. 2) (Frank Zappa) - 3:25
18.Loveitis (Albert James Vance, Harvey Scales) - 2:31
19.Always Love Her (Gerald Roslie) - 2:42
20.Lost Love (Gerald Roslie) - 2:16
21.Good Hard Rock - 2:17
22.Once Again (Gerald Roslie, Larry Parypa) - 2:33
23.I'll Stay With You (Bob Demmon, Dennis Lindsey, Jim Gallagher, Rich Fifield, Stormy Patterson) - 2:51
24.I'm Right (Gerald Roslie) - 2:19
25.Only She Would Do (Gerald Roslie) - 2:20
26.Love Lights (Gerald Roslie) - 2:44
27.Goodbye (Randy Hiatt) - 2:20
28.Near My Soul (Randy Hiatt) - 2:38
29.Wake Me, Shake Me (Al Kooper) - 2:18
30.You're In Love - 3:24

The Sonics
*Andy Parypa - Bass
*Bob Bennett - Drums
*Larry Parypa - Lead Guitar
*Gerry Roslie - Lead Vocals
*Rob Lind - Saxophone, Vocals
*Jim Brady - Vocals

1964-66  The Sonics - Psycho Sonic (2003 remaster edition) 
1965  Here Are The Sonics (New Rose rare Vinyl issue)
1966  The Sonics - Introducing

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