Friday, December 1, 2023

Malachi - Malachi (1971 uk, organ drivin' soft psych prog rock, 2008 digipak edition)

UK band released only this album in Belgium, combines the feel-good groovy instrumental organ rock of Eden Rose with the more measured introspective UK scene like Cressida or Still Life. Sounds a bit dated for 1971, more like 1969 - probably due to the ‚"carnival‚" sound of the organ, which is the dominant instrument. Flute is put to good use as well. No guitars, which is unusual for the era. Also pick up some Julian Jay Savarin in places. Yet another creative version of ‚"Eleanor Rigby‚". A good one.
1. Return Of A Stranger (Barry Kirsch) - 2:40
2. Little Victim (Julian Kirsch) - 3:30
3. Clog I (Barry Kirsch, Pinder Paul) - 2:30
4. Clog II (Pinder Paul) - 2:35
5. Only A Sad Thing (Barry Kirsch, Ashford Jon, Wilson Robert) - 4:35
6. Steamer (Barry Kirsch) - 2:10
7. Island (Barry Kirsch) - 4:00
8. Freeway (Barry Kirsch, Wilson Robert) - 4:40
9. Eleanor Rigby (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) - 2:25
10.Suite For Selena (Barry Kirsch) - 8:40
.a) You Are My.../  b) Motivation / c) Thursday 32nd / d) Make Me / e) Malachi

*Barry Kirsch - Organ, Piano, Vocal
*Robert Wilson - Bass, Vocal
*Paul Binder - Drums, Flute, Egyptian Cymbals
*Jon Ashford - Congas, Bongos