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Dalton And DuBarri - Dalton And DuBarri (1973 us, excellent combination of classic rock, country folk, rhythm ‘n’blues and funky vibes)

Bassist, guitarist and clarinet player and vocalist Gary Dalton joined with percussionist/vocalist Kent DuBarri to form the soulful, blues-influenced group, Dalton and DuBarri in the mid-1970s. The group's sound was enhanced by the presence of Hammond B-3 organist Rick Allen, who had previously worked with southern California-based pop group, Blue Rose.

Signed by CBS - Sony in 1973, Dalton and DuBarri failed to live up to expectations. Although they opened shows for Loggins and Messina, the Doobie Brothers, Dave Mason, Rod Stewart, Boz Scaggs, Elvin Bishop and the Beach Boys, they never rose to headliner status.

Dropped by CBS -- Sony after their first two albums, Dalton & DuBarri in 1973 and Good Head in 1974, were unable to provide a commercial breakthrough, Dalton & DuBarri went on to record for ABC and Hilltak -- Atlantic. 
by Craig Harris
1. Helpless - 3:23
2. Take A Chance - 3:57
3. Only A Fool - 3:38
4. Love In The Country - 3:25
5. Feelin' The Need - 5:11
6. Any Other Man But Me - 4:27
7. Countryfied City Band - 4:26
8. Sunny Face - 4:45
9. Hoodoo Love - 6:11
All compositions by Gary Dalton, Kent DuBarri

*Gary Dalton - Guitar, Vocals
*Kent DuBarri - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Patrick Gleason - Synthesizer
*Brad Palmer - Bass, Organ, Synthesizer
*Tony Peluso - Piano, Clavinet
*The Hyde St. Friends - Backing Vocals

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