Saturday, September 16, 2023

Michael Gately - Gately: Still 'Round (1972 us, fascinating melt of folk country jazz funky soft rock, 2013 korean remaster)

Michael Gately was born on October 28, 1942 in New Jersey and died on April 12, 1982 in Los Angeles, California. A visionary singer songwriter who made his debut with Al Kooper and released two pop masterpieces! He was a member of the songwriting team with Robert John, and also sang on the chorus of Al Kooper's and Lobo's solo albums. His mellow and delicate voice, in contrast to his reportedly huge 500-pound frame, captivated Al Kooper.
1. With You Today - 2:41
2. No Dry Change - 2:44
3. You Just Run Away (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 2:55
4. Did The Mornin’ Tell You - 3:09
5. You’re To Busy Being Free (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 3:09
6. Country Ladies - 2:12
7. I Couldn’t Of Loved You More (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 3:03
8. All Too True Blues - 2:19
9. Will You Be Here (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 2:55
10.I Don’t Know If I Should Love You (Lynn’s Song) - 2:57
11.But Then Again (Michael Gately, Robert John) - 2:25
All compositions by Michael Gately except where indicated

*Michael Gately - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
*Stu Woods - Bass
*Rick Marotta - Drums
*David Spinozza - Guitar
*Bhen Lanzaroni - Keyboards
*Rick Marotta - Percussion
*Robert John - Background Vocals
*Richard Grando - Sax
*Carmel Malignaggi - Strings
*Gene Orloff - Strings
*Joseph Malignaggi - Strings