Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Surprize - Keep On Truckin' (1972 us, groovy psych blues rural rock)

Surprize were a 1970's psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia. After being together for eight months, the band recorded their one and only, album "Keep On truckin'" in one of Philadelphia’s finest recording studios. Upon release the band started to get TV and radio airplay as well as being booked for larger concerts. The band had great success and growing more and more popular every day. A few years later Surprize were approached by a larger and more well-known record label. They wanted to promote and produce the second album and give it a release on their own label which meant the chance of national distribution. 

Shortly after this approach whilst performing out of town, band leader Peter Accardi had a supernatural occurence, which would change the bands. The next morning Peter Accardi, called for a special meeting. At this meeting Peter shared how something supernatural had happened to him, and how he knew he was going to heaven. His life was changed and he tried to share how we all needed the same thing in our lives. Much to everyone's shock, Peter walked away from his career as the lead singer of the band and decided to go to Bible College in order to become a Preacher. A few weeks later keyboard player joined Accardi in his new calling and followed him on his journey to become a Preacher. Not long after the band decided to call it a day. As for Accardi and Bissel both now serve the Lord at the Elkdale Baptist Church, West Clifford, Pennsylvania. Peter Accardi is the church Evangelist and Frank Bissel serves as the Pastor of the church.
1. Earth Odyssey (Pete Accardi, Mark Shapiro, Fred Kieffer, Rick Martin, Franck Bissel) - 6:45
2. Sweet Love 4:18
3. Keep On Truckin' 5:10
4. Ev'ry Day 5:15
5. See The Light 6:29
6. Try A Little More
All songs by Howard Stein, Tony Roccia except track #1

*Pete Accardi - Vocals, Percussions, Harmonica 
*Mark Shapiro - Guitar, Backing Vocals 
*Fred Kieffer - Drums, Percussions 
*Rick Martin - Bass, Backing Vocals 
*Franck Bissel - Backing Vocals, Keyboard 

Changó - Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood (1976 us, solid latin jazz psych rock, 2012 reissue)

Changó were an American Latin-rock/funk band from Brooklyn a compilation of beautiful vocals,rhythmic guitar playing and energetic sexual lyrics. Chango is a treasure worth discovering. The band has definitely been slept on because personally I feel Burlin Speakes'guitar playing is better than Carlos Santana's. 

For Chango´s second album, Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood apparently lead singer Pepe Gomez changed all the members except one, changed label to Mercury and went to soul-rock. The album is a little harder and less Latin than their first one. The perfect voice, the guitars screams and the singer agrees with his shrieks as he´s getting murdered. If you love old Santana, only harder with a voice, you´ve never heard before, don´t hesitate.

Above all is representative of unbridled sexuality. There is no Deity more vehement,nor energetic. Could be described as the "God of All". Well this definitely describes this incredible band "Chango". This band lives up to it's name. 
1. Life Is A Rainbow (Pepe Gomez, Reinol Andino) - 3:21
2. The Last Ride - 4:50
3. Meeting Of The Gods - 5:30
4. Lady, Lady (Dino Gomez, Pepe Gomez) - 4:23
5. La Rumba (Burlin Speakes, Mike Cruz, Pepe Gomez, Reinol Andino) - 2:50
6. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde - 6:38
7. Thumbing A Ride - 6:56
8. Woman In Black (Burlin Speakes, Charles Rook, Mike Cruz, Pepe Gomez, Reinol Andino) - 4:05
9. Evil Lady - 2:52
All compositions by Pepe Gomez except where stated

*Reinol Andino - Congas, Timbales, Percussion, Backing Vocals
*Pepe Gomez - Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion
*Burlin Speakes - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
*Mike Cruz - Timbales, Percussion, Backing Vocals 
*Charles Rook - Rhythm, Lead Guitars
*Ken Weissman - Drums