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Formerly Fat Harry - Formerly Fat Harry (1971 uk / us, great folk psych, 2013 edition)

Formed in 1969 in Croydon by three ex-Berkeley musicians, Gary Peterson, Phil Greenberg and Bruce Barthol who had not long left Country Joe & the Fish, Formerly Fat Harry were signed to the legendary Peter Jenner and Andrew King’s Blackhill Enterprises and became a mainstay of the festivals and underground club circuit.

The band mined a rich blues, folk and country vein which nowadays might have been called Americana, and heavily infused it with a psychedelic edge – after all these guys had been part of the San Francisco acid rock explosion!

They left behind a very musical if rather low-key album for Harvest Records before splitting up in early 72. 
1. Passing The River (Phil Greenberg) - 5:04
2. My Friend Ws A Pusher (Gary Peterson) - 5:15
3. About My Life (Phil Greenberg) - 5:45
4. Please Go Away (Gary Peterson) - 4:35
5. I Saw The Ringing Of The Bell (Gary Peterson) - 4:45
6. Tell Me All About It (Gary Peterson) - 4:40
7. Captain Heart (Phil Greenberg) - 3:28
8. Goodbye For Good (Phil Greenberg) - 6:55

Formerly Fat Harry
*Laurie Allan - Drums
*Bruce Barthol - Bass
*Phil Greenberg - Guitar, Vocals
*George Khan - Saxophone
*Gary Peterson - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

1969-72  Formerly Fat Harry - Goodbye For Good, The Lost Recordings

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