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Twenty-Five Views Of Worthing - Twenty-Five Views Of Worthing 1972-77 uk, magnificent amalgam of art prog rock similar to canterbury sound, 2022 hard sleeve remaster)

Twenty-Five Views of Worthing were formed in 1970 by Watford school friends Roger Hillier and Mark Sugden out of the ashes of their psychedelic band Primrose Path. They were signed to a management deal with Island Artists in 1972 and supported the likes of Genesis, Caravan and Mott the Hoople, although a recording contract with Island Records never transpired.

The band recorded several tracks using downtime at Island’s Basing Street Studio, which have never previously been released. Continuing with various line-ups throughout the ‘70s, the band also cut a rare independent EP in 1977. The band left behind a rich legacy of recorded material which is finally presented on a LP for the first time via Wind Waker Records.
by Klemen Breznikar
1. Vamp Till Ready (Roger Hillier) - 8:36
2 Joke Without Words (Roger Hillier) - 12:07
3. Freak Show (David Toop, Mark Sugden, Roger Hillier) - 2:26
4. In For A Quick One (Peter Teychenne) - 5:26
5. You Are What You Eat (Mark Sugden) - 5:37
6. Do The Azimuth (Harlan Cockburn) - 4:40
7. Rat Brain Incision (Roger Hillier) - 2:02
8. More Feathers More Dogs (Roger Hillier) - 3:50
9. Ratification (Roger Hillier) - 3:17

Twenty-Five Views Of Worthing
*Roger Hillier - Organ, Electric, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone 
*Mark Sugden - Drums, Percussions, Trumpet, Vocals 
*Paul Devonshire - Sax, Clarinet, Flute (Tracks 1-4)
*Paul Lindsay - Bass Guitar, Vocals (Tracks 1-3)
*Peter Teychenné - Trombone (Track 4)
*John Knox - Bass Guitar (Track 4)
*Paul Gillieron - Sax, Electric Piano, Vocals (Tracks 5-7)
*Harlan Cockburn - Guitars, Vocals (Tracks 5-7)
*Malcolm Barrett - Bass Guitar (Tracks 5-7)