Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tim Davis - Pipe Dream (1972 us, splendid rhythm 'n' blues psych folk country rock)

Drummer Tim Davis was playing with a band in Madison, WI, in the mid-'60s when a friend from the University of Wisconsin, guitarist/singer Steve Miller, asked him to try forming a blues band with him and another friend, James "Curly" Cooke, in San Francisco. Thus was born what was then known as the Steve Miller Blues Band in 1966. Davis stuck with Miller through those difficult early days -- when there wasn't much paid work or money -- through early appearances supporting Chuck Berry on his Fillmore West live album and at the Monterey Pop Festival. 

They landed a recording contract soon after, and Davis was the band's drummer and percussionist - and also contributed backing vocals on their first five albums, including Brave New World and Number 5. He also managed to work in some playing with the Jefferson Airplane, most notably on the Crown of Creation sessions, during this period. He later played with Ben Sidran, in addition to cutting his own album, Pipe Dream -- featuring contributions from Cooke and the Grateful Dead's Donna Jean Godchaux -- in 1972. 
by Bruce Eder
1. On The Rocks - 2:47
2. Don't Mention The Ladies Name - 3:11
3. Nothing Is The Same (Curley Cooke) - 3:39
4. Boogie Woogie F.C.B. - 3:13
5. To Sailors Son - 5:04
6. Love Has Come - 3:59
7. I've Always Tried To Please You (Steve Miller) - 3:18
8. Buzzy Brown (Curley Cooke) - 3:36
9. Sunday (Curley Cooke) - 2:22
10.Beatle Blues - 0:30
11.Rich Kid Blues (Terry Reid) - 3:46
All songs by Tim Davis except where indicated

*Tim Davis - Vocals
*Bill Meeker - Drums 
*Donna Thatcher - Vocal 
*Doug Killmer - Bass
*Hart McNee - Saxophone, Flute 
*John McFee - Guitar 
*John Wilmeth - Trumpet 
*Linda Tillary - Vocals, Drums
*Lonnie Turner - Bass 
*Mike Finnigan - B3 Hammond organ  
*Richard Olson - Guitar, Bass  
*Sonny Lewis - Saxophone, Flute
*Stephen Miller - Keyboards 
*Tracy Nelson - Vocals
*Peter Minton

With The Steve Miller Band
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1968  Sailor (2012 digipack remaster)
1969  Brave New World (2012 digipack remaster)
1969  Your Saving Grace (2012 digi pack remaster)