Saturday, April 15, 2017

Timber - Part Of What You Hear (1970 us, fine rural psych rock, vinyl edition)

This short-lived band was a collaboration between two songwriters, Wayne Berry and George (no, not that one) Clinton who each had distinctive and largely divergent musical interests, with Clinton being (roughly) more of a rocker, and Berry being more on the country/rural/acoustic side of the tracks. They recorded two albums as Timber, followed by a couple of solo albums, and briefly reunited as "Volunteers" for one album in 1976. 
1. Tip Top (Wayne Berry) - 6:51
2. All But Gone (Wayne Berry) - 4:12
3. Good Intentions (Wayne Berry) - 2:53
4. Part Of What You Hear (Wayne Berry) - 3:37
5. Boat Ride (George Clinton) - 4:33
6. In It (George Clinton) - 2:17
7. She's My Lady (George Clinton) - 4:54
8. Go On Alone (George Clinton) - 3:07
9. A Sad Song (George Clinton) - 5:33
10.Country Blue / Don't Hide Tonight (Wayne Berry) - 5:56

The Timber
*Wayne Berry - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
*George Clinton - Vocals, Keyboards, Woodwinds, Autoharp
*Warner Charles Davis - Drums, Percussion
*Judy Elliott - Vocals
*Roger Johnson - Lead Guitar, Vocals

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