Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Avengers - Everyone's Gonna Wonder (1967-69 new zealand, marvelous harmony folk baroque psych beat, 2016 remaster)

The Avengers began in 1966 in Wellington as the protégés of local promoter Ken Cooper, who was looking for a band to play at his new night club, The Place. He found guitarist Dave Brown, added organist/guitarist Clive Cockburn, auditioned to obtain bass player Eddie McDonald and rounded out the Avengers with drummer Ian 'Hank' Davis from Napier.

The group name was the result of a Sunday Times competition. The first hit was Everyone’s Gonna Wonder followed by Days of Pearly Spencer, but the track Love Hate Revenge provides the best memories and was probably the pinnacle of their achievements in their four year existence.

They debuted there in June 1966 and their early repertoire was mainly covers of Beatles songs and other British groups, but as time went on they closely followed the likes of Cream and Traffic.

They toured with numerous packages, made regular appearances on television and won a number of awards, following all this up with two Australian tours and a total of three albums. It all seems to have ended as suddenly as it began and apart from Cockburn’s television production career their present whereabouts are unknown.

The Avengers story by Grant Gillanders Part 2
1. Everyone's Gonna Wonder (Chris Malcolm) - 2:40
2. Midnight Visitation (Kevin Watson) - 2:43
3. Summer Set Morning (Clive Cockburn) - 2:28
4. Sunshine Lady (Kevin James) - 2:03
5. Love - Hate - Revenge (Irwin Levine, Ritchie Adams) - 2:37
6. Days Of Pearly Spencer (David McWilliams) - 2:29
7. 1941 (Harry Nilsson) - 2:39
8. Daniel The Postman (Clive Cockburn) - 2:10
9. You Don't Understand (Tony Bankhouse) - 2:39
10.Water Pipe (Chris Malcolm) - 4:02
11.Only Once In My Life (Chris Malcolm) - 2:20
12.I Wouldn't Do That (Clive Cockburn) - 2:55
13.Night Time (Chris Malcolm, Clive Cockburn) - 3:00
14.Fisherwoman (Bill Henderson, Claire Lawrence, Howie Vickers) - 2:22
15.Take My Hand (Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi) - 2:04
16.You Better Come Home (Bert Russell) - 3:07
17.Night In The City (Joni Mitchell) - 3:12
18.Sally (Clive Cockburn) - 2:31
19.September Winds (David McWilliams) - 3:08
20.Only Last Year (Alan Galbraith) - 2:51
21.What Price Love (Chris Malcolm, Ian 'Hank' Davis, Eddie McDonald, Clive Cockburn, Dave Brown) - 2:31
22.Flower Girl (Clive Cockburn) - 2:11
23.Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (David Jordan) - 3:36
24.Love Is A One Way Ticket (Clive Cockburn) - 4:07
25.Top 20 (Radio Spot) - 0:08
26.Top 20 Time Check (Radio Spot) - 0:07
27.This Show Is Groovy (Radio Spot) - 0:07

The Avengers
*Ian 'Hank' Davis - Drums
*Eddie McDonald - Bass, Vocals
*Dave Brown - Vocals, Guitar
*Clive Cockburn - Guitar, Organ