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Atlantis - Get On Board (1975 germany / uk, classic rock melted with blues and funky vibes)

Atlantis formed in late summer 1972 by Inga Rumpf (vocals), Jean-Jacques Kravetz (keyboards) and Karl-Heinz Schott (bass). These musicians previously played in the band called Frumpy. The original line-up also included guitarist Frank Diez and drummer Curt Cress (ex-Emergency).

After a few live performances in Germany, the first LP was produced at the Island Records studios in London, which was particularly well received in the USA, where Rumpf's blues-oriented voice was appreciated. Diez and Cress left the band after the recordings. George Meier joined Atlantis on guitar and Udo Lindenberg on drums for a four week tour of England with Procol Harum and Traffic. They were replaced after the tour by Dieter Bornschlegel (formerly with the band Traumtorte) and Ringo Funk (formerly with Jeronimo), with whom the second LP It's Getting Better (1973) was recorded.

During another four-week tour of England, Jean-Jacques Kravetz left the band to join the band Randy Pie. Reiner Schnell stepped in for him for a short time. At the end of 1973 the band ranked among the three most popular groups among the readers of the magazine Musikmarkt.

The next personnel change took place in the summer of 1974. British keyboarder Adrian Askew replaced Reiner Schelle, and guitarist Alex Conti from the band Curly Curve replaced Dieter Bornschlegel. In this occupation, the third album Ooh, Baby was recorded in 1974.

In 1975 there was a tour of the USA (mostly as a support act for Lynyrd Skynyrd), after which the band parted ways with Alex Conti, for whom the former guitarist Frank Diez and, for the first time, a second guitarist, Rainer Marz (formerly as Ringo Funk at Jeronimo), joined the group. The subsequent fourth LP Get on Board 1975 recorded and released with sound familiar to the America's hard rock bands, but it failed in sales.
1. Get On Board (Frank Diez) - 3:46
2. Change My Mind (Adrian Askew) - 4:31
3. The Man (Adrian Askew, Karl-Heinz Schott) - 3:45
4. Let Me Stay For A While (Frank Diez) - 3:57
5. Keep The Music Going On (Adrian Askew, Rainer Marz) - 2:49
6. Chartbuster (Frank Diez) - 3:12
7. The Captain And The Ship (Inga Rumpf) - 3:46
8. If I Couldn't Sing (Inga Rumpf) - 3:38
9. Tried To Climb A Mountain (Adrian Askew, Rainer Marz) - 4:34
10.Mainline Florida (George Terry) - 2:55
Bonus track #10

*Inga Rumpf - Lead Vocals
*Frank Diez - Guitar, Vocals
*Rainer Marz - Guitar, Vocals
*Adrian Askew - Keyboards
*Karl Heinz Schott - Bass, Vocals
*Ringo Funk -  Percussion, Drums

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