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Graham Parker And The Rumour - Howlin Wind (1976 uk, splendid pub guitar rock, bonus track edition)

For most intents and purposes, Graham Parker emerged fully formed on his debut album, Howlin' Wind. Sounding like the bastard offspring of Mick Jagger and Van Morrison, Parker sneers his way through a set of stunningly literate pub rockers. Instead of blindly sticking to the traditions of rock & roll, Parker invigorates them with cynicism and anger, turning his songs into distinctively original works. "Back to Schooldays" may be reconstituted rockabilly, "White Honey" may recall Morrison's white R&B bounce, and "Howlin' Wind" is a cross of Van's more mystical moments and the Band, but the songs themselves are original and terrific. 

Similarly, producer Nick Lowe gives the album a tough, spare feeling, which makes Parker and the Rumour sound like one of the best bar bands you've ever heard. Howlin' Wind remains a thoroughly invigorating fusion of rock tradition, singer/songwriter skill, and punk spirit, making it one of the classic debuts of all time. 
by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
1. White Honey - 3:32
2. Nothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart - 3:20
3. Silly Thing - 2:53
4. Gypsy Blood - 4:36
5. Between You And Me - 2:24
6. Back To Schooldays - 2:53
7. Soul Shoes - 3:13
8. Lady Doctor - 2:50
9. You've Got To Be Kidding - 3:28
10.Howlin' Wind - 3:56
11.Not If It Pleases Me - 3:11
12.Don't Ask Me Questions - 5:38
13.I'm Gonna Use It Now - 3:11
All songs written by Graham Parker

*Graham Parker - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Fender Rhythm Guitar
*Brinsley Schwarz - Guitar, Hammond Organ, Vocals
*Bob Andrews - Lowrey Organ, Hammond Organ, Piano, Vocals
*Martin Belmont - Guitar, Vocals
*Steve Goulding - Drums, Vocals
*Andrew Bodnar - Fender Bass
*Stewart Lynas - Brass Arrangement
*Herschel Holder - Trumpet
*Dave Conners - First Tenor Saxophone
*Brinsley Schwarz - Tenor Saxophone
*Danny Ellis - Trombone
*John "Viscount" Earle - Saxophone
*Paul Bailey - Guitar
*Dave Otway - Drums
*Paul Riley - Bass Guitar
*Noel Brown - Slide Guitar, Dobro
*Dave Edmunds - Guitar
*Ed Deane - Slide Guitar
*Stewart Lynas - Alto Sax

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