Monday, September 7, 2020

Candida Pax - Day (1971 uk, ravishing fuzzy psych blues rock, 2004 remaster)

Day was originally released in 1971. Besides Parameter, this is the rarest release on U.K. Deroy label, as rare as Forever Amber & Dark. If you're into Tony, Caro & John and Then Play On-era Fleetwood Mac, then this is your cup of tea. This is pure Underground with that bluesy Peter Green-like guitar and a folky edge. All original songs and all beauties. Heavy fuzz-guitar, piano, effects -- the whole U.K. Underground thing. A killer album from beginning to the end.
1. Day (Stuart Mellor) - 5.53
2. Don´t Leave Me (Colin Stott) - 5.03
3. White Dove (Geoff Dodd, Frank Hobbs, Stuart Mellor, Colin Stott) - 2.32
4. Darkness (Stuart Mellor, Colin Stott, Geoff Dodd) - 5.16
5. Dark Clouds (Colin Stott) - 5.06
6. My Life (Stuart Mellor) - 4.47
7. Reach Out (Stuart Mellor, Colin Stott) - 3.31
8. Free (Stuart Mellor) - 2.43

Candida Pax 
*Geoff Dodd - Bass Guitar, Vocal
*Frank Hobbs - Percussion, Special Effects
*Stuart Mellor - Lead Electric Guitar, Vocals, Recorders, Special Effects
*Colin Stott - Electric Guitar, Vocals, Acoustic 12 String Guitar, Kkeyboards

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