Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jade Warrior - Kites (1976 uk, fused ethnic african and far eastern influences with superbly innovative rock guitar, 2010 remaster)

Kites is more layered and complex than Waves, the duo's previous outing. The album reportedly took nine months to record, a long time by mid-1970s standards. The first half is dominated by Jon Field compositions, which are meant to convey the sounds of a kite drifting through skies that range from sunny and calm to stormy and dangerous. Dense and dramatic, numbers such as "Songs of the Forest" and "Wind Song" spotlight unconventional percussive combinations, ethereal wordless choir voices, and Field's gentle flute playing. 

Tony Duhig dominates the second half of Kites with a group of songs interpreting Teh Ch'eng, the Boat Monk, a traditional Zen story. This is a rare example of intense ambient sound, best realized in "Quietly by the River Bank," which begins with an ominous tone and explodes with the fury of a samurai warrior. The remainder is more contemplative and some of the energy flags, but the album concludes on a high note with "The Last Question," one of Jade Warrior's prettiest melodies.
by Casey Elston
1. Songs of the Forest - 3:12
2. Wind Song - 4:05
3. The Emperor - 1:58
4. Wind Borne - 6:52
5. Kite Song - 3:04
6. Land of the Warrior - 3:29
7. Quietly by the River Bank - 3:20
8. Arrival of the Emperor: What Does the Venerable Sir Do? - 1:06
9. Teh Ch'eng: Do You Understand This? - 2:32
10.Arrival of Chia Shan: Disclosure and Liberation - 4:10
11.Towards the Mountains - 2:03
12.The Last Question - 0:36
All compositions by Tony Duhig, Jon Field

Jade Warrior
*Tony Duhig - Guitars, Percussion, Keyboards, Production
*Jon Field - Flutes, Guitar, Percussion, Production
*Roger Bryson - Piano
*Fred Frith - Violin
*Pete Gibson - Brass, Horn
*Coleridge Goode - Bass Guitar
*Debbie Hall - Violin
*Jeff Westley - Electric Piano
*Graham Morgan - Drums
*Joe O'Donnell - Violin
*Clodagh Simonds - Vocals
*Gowan Turnbull - Saxophone
*Geoff Westley - Piano
*Willie - Drums, Percussion
*Elmo - Mexican Foot Drums