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Luv Machine - Turns You On (1970-71 barbados, excellent rough hard psych rock with prog elements, 2006 bonus tracks remaster)

Luv Machine were victims to the classic business meets artist rip off paradigm and the band disintegrated almost as quickly as they came together. Thankfully they were able to record this wonderful album on the way and RAR deserve credit for bringing to our ears. The album is a wonderful boogie down fuzzed out rock feast. It combines elements of the sounds of Cream, 10 Years After and touch of Santana (during their initial psych-boogie incarnation). The music is punchy and filled with urgent soulful vocals and great harmonies. Main-man Michael Bishop wrote all of the songs and they manage to channel a funkified blend of Traffic era Steve Winwood with the propulsive rock of the aforementioned Cream. 

The disc is a treat from beginning to end. It leaves you wondering why these songs weren't instant classics of the era and didn't propel the band to superstardom. In particular tracks such as Lost and My Life is Filled with Changes present the diverse punch of the bands sound. The densely packed booklet that comes with this reissue is full of pictures of the band and a wonderfully complete bio written by Lee Dorian.

Luv Machine might have not scaled the heights of glory during their brief career but as this CD proves financial success doesn't necessarily equate with artistic mastery. Ultimately this thoroughly enjoyable CD leaves the listener wondering what other dusty gems are out there in the dust bins of history waiting to be discovered. It also gives us caution to pay attention to current underground acts due to the fact that we just might be ignoring a contemporary masterpiece.
by Keith Boyd, Feb.27.2007
1. Witches Wand - 2:49
2. You're Surprised - 2:47
3. It's Amazing - 3:27
4. Happy Children (Errol Bradshaw, Michael Bishop) - 3:19
5. Everything (Martin Hall) - 3:20
6. Maybe Tomorrow - 4:20
7. Reminiscing (Vernon Pereira) - 2:56
8. Change Your Mind - 2:59
9. Corupt One - 3:50
10.Lost - 3:09
11.My Life Is Filled With Changes - 3:08
12.Portrait Of Disgust - 4:58
13.Don't Let The Blues Take Over Part 1 (Early Demo Version) - 2:58
14.In The Early Hours (Single B-Side) - 3:29
15.Dark Clouds (Early Demo) - 2:33
16.Do You Want My Love? (Unreleased Single B-Side) - 3:07
17.Break The News Gently (Post LP Line Up Demo) - 2:51
18.Don't Let The Blues Take Over Part 2 (Unreleased Single A-Side) - 2:45
All titles by Michael Bishop except where stated
Tracks 1-12 from original album " Luv Machine" 1970

Luv Machine
*Michael Bishop - guitar, vocals
*Bob Bowman - guitar, vocals
*Errol Bradshaw - drums, vocals
*John Jeavons - bass, vocals

1970  Luv Machine - Luv Machine

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