Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Blonde On Blonde - Reflections On A Life (1971 uk, beautiful prog rock with psych flashes, 2017 bonus track release and 2007 Japan remaster)

There was something very special about being able to live a life split between two worlds, one quiet and countrified, and the other - on the road or in the heart of London's nightlife!

I think you can hear that contrast in the music itself: a mixture of focused energy and laid-back calm. It was a reflection of the way we lived and worked. We all came from a heavily industrialised Welsh seaport that was closely surrounded by mountains and wild romantic countryside; it was the contrast that inspired us.

And it still inspires me. I am about to release a new Blonde On Blonde album. The music's already 'in the can' and includes songs from Blonde On Blonde's live performances that were not previously released. It also includes some very recent material. The new album is called "Coldharbour" (another name for my hometown Newport). It was hearing "Rebirth" again that brought me determination to complete the project.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the sounds of 1970 so faithfully captured here on this reissued CD. When I listened to it again, it was like taking a ride in a time capsule in my own head. The sound and the memories are crystal clear.
by David Thomas

1. Gene Machine (Gareth Johnson) - 2:12
2. I Don't Care (Dave Thomas, Gareth Johnson) - 2:40
3. Love Song (Dave Thomas) - 6:45
4. Bar Room Blues (Dave Thomas) - 5:30
5. Sad Song For An Easy Lady (Dave Thomas) - 4:14
6. Ain't It Sad Too (Gareth Johnson) - 4:25
7. The Bargain (Dave Thomas) - 4:16
8. The Rut (Graham Davies) - 5:29
9. Happy Families (Gareth Johnson) - 3:50
10.No. 2 Psychological Decontamination Unit (Gareth Johnson) - 3:03
11.Chorale (Forever) (Gareth Johnson) - 4:53
12.Sad Song for An Easy Lady (Single Version) (Dave Thomas) - 3:34

Blonde On Blonde
*Graham Davies -  Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
*Gareth Johnson - Lead Guitar
*Les Hicks - Percussion
*Dave Thomas - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica

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1969  Contrasts (2010 Esoteric edition)
1970  Rebirth  (2017 remaster)

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