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Sweet Salvation - Sweet Salvation (1972 us, solid funk blues rock, 2009 edition)

Led by long-established New Orleans musicians drummer "Big John" John Thomassie, keyboard player Wayne DeVillier and guitarist Don Normand, Sweet Salvation could have been one of the all-time great r&b/funk/rock/gospel bands. Unfortunately due to business mis-steps and bad timing it was not meant to be. Also featuring 2 great women singers, DeEtta Little and Fritz Basket, and Alex Smith on bass, Sweet Salvation covered ground that includes New Orleans second line, blues, r&b, rock and 70's funk. They were very much connected to Allen Toussaint and the Meters, but maybe heavier in sound and style, closer to rock.

"Sweet Salvation" features 2 great cover tracks, very elaborate and creative arrangements of Randy Newman's "Sail Away" and Aretha Franklin's "Rock Steady". "Sweet Salvation" also delivers some first-rate original tunes in what could have led to a powerful and unique style. It's great to hear rock-solid r & b and second line grooves combined with Devillier's brilliant and virtuosic piano playing, which is beautifully recorded (loud and thick sounding, not too bright) and is the backbone of the band's sound. 
by Adam Holzman
1. Do A Number (Fritz Basket) - 3:35
2. Ain't Nobody's Fault But Your Own (Wayne DeVillier) - 4:18
3. I Just Find Myself Falling (John Vinidigni, Wayne DeVillier) - 3:28
4. Who's A Blue (Fritz Basket, Wayne DeVillier) - 3:52
5. Sail Away (Randy Newman) - 5:31
6. Carry Me Home (Wayne DeVillier) - 1:58
7. Have You Ever Had The Blues (Bill Jennings, Harold Logan, Lloyd Price) - 2:22
8. Stick With Me (John Vinidigni, Wayne DeVillier) - 2:49
9. Keep On Pushin' (Wayne DeVillier) - 2:50
10.Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin) - 8:21

The Sweet Salvation
*Wayne DeVillier - Keyboards, Vocals 
*John Evans Thomassie - Drums, Vocals
*Don Normand - Guitar
*Alexander Smith jr - Bass 
*Deetta Little - Vocals
*Fritz Basket - Vocals

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