Saturday, November 27, 2021

Steel River - A Better Road (1971 canada, awesome classic rock with psych drops, 2013 edition)

After four years of amateur gigs and high-school dates around Toronto, Steel River began playing professionally in 1969 and signed with Tuesday Records the following year. From their 1970 debut album Weighin' Heavy, "Ten Pound Note" became a hit in Canada. Steel River broke up three years after 1971's A Better Road, but re-formed in 1979 to record the single "Armoured Car." 

“Southbound Train“, the hit single from A Better Road was recorded at Toronto Sound with Greg Hambleton producing, Terry Brown engineering in 1972 and mixed by Bob Liftin (Regent Sound, NY). The album was released in Canada on Greg’s Tuesday label and licensed by the Stereo Dimension label in the States. Distributed worldwide by Phonogram, the single promoted the album and supported their extensive international touring schedule in major arenas. “Mexican Lady“, featuring John Dudgeon‘s blues-rock vocals and their 3rd hit single, is included along with “Do You Know Where You’re Going?“, “What You Are” & “Take It Slowly“. Completing the lineup was Bob Forrester on keyboards, Ray Angrove on drums, Rob Cockell on bass and Tony Dunning on guitar.

Steel Tiver became an international touring success and performed on three major American tours with The James Gang, Melanie, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Three Dog Night, Edgar Winters, etc. Band members Bob Forrester (keyboards), Rob Cockell (bass), Tony Dunning (lead Guitar) Ray Angrove (drums) and with lead singer John Dudgeon wrote most of the material on their first and second album 'A Better Road' including "Southbound Train" and "Mexican Lady". Licensed by Polygram for release outside North America, all three singles charted in Canada and the States.
1. Mexican Lady (Bob Forrester, Rob Cockell, Tony Dunning) - 3:50
2. Do You Know Where You're Going? (Bob Forrester) - 4:39
3. Take It Slowly (John Dudgeon) - 3:09
4. What You Are (Ray Angrove, Bob Forrester) - 3:18
5. They've Been Waiting (John Dudgeon) - 3:47
6. Southbound Train (Bob Forrester, Rob Cockell, Tony Dunning) - 3:56
7. Don't Tell Me (Rob Cockell, Tony Dunning) - 2:40
8. No One Will Hear You (John Dudgeon) - 3:01
9. Take You Away (Bob Forrester, Rob Cockell, Tony Dunning) - 2:45
10.Joyful Judy (John Dudgeon) - 3:11
11.Love Can't Be Made Of Gold / Let's Think Ahead (John Dudgeon) - 5:12

Steel River
*John Dudgeon - Lead Vocals
*Bob Forrester - Organ, Piano
*Rob Cockell - Bass
*Tony Dunning - Guitar
*Ray Angrove - Drums
*Lafe (H.F). Buckner And The Funky Hedgehogs - Backing Vocals, Percussion