Sunday, August 27, 2023

Blackstone - Blackstone (1971 us, solid hard classic rock, feat Max Weinberg from the E Street Band fame)

New Jersey-based hard rock band who recorded an eponymous album for Epic Records in 1970. The drummer was Max Weinberg, later of The E Street Band.

"Noise proves nothing," Mark Twain once wrote, "often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.

Blackstone, the young men who make their debut with this album, are destined to make a lot of noise in the music business, but not in the sense described above. After five months of intensive rehearsals in a New Jersey garage, they came to the studio and laid the  asteroid contained herein.

It's an impressive beginning. Blackstone has revealed its mettle, they've got what it takes and it's up to you to turn this asteroid into a star in the rock firmament.
(from Original Liner Notes)
1. Love Love Love (Dave DesRochers, Tom Butler, Kevin Collins, Tom Flynn, Max Weinberg) - 4:26
2. Sing - 3:44
3. Moondog - 4:19
4. Freedom Rider (Dave DesRochers, Tom Flynn) - 2:53
5. Time - 3:40
6. K.C. Funk (Whole Lotta Livin' Lovin') (Dave DesRochers, Tom Butler, Kevin Collins, Tom Flynn) - 4:12
7. Sleep Tonight - 3:33
8. Thinking (Dave DesRochers, Tom Butler) - 5:56
9. Woman Who Lives Alone - 6:08
All songs by Dave DesRochers except where noted

*Tom Butler - Bass, Vocals
*Kevin Collins - Organ, Piano
*Dave DesRochers - Guitars, Vocals
*Tom Flynn - Vocals8
*Max Weinberg - Drums, Percussion 
*Don Oriolo - Strings, Horns Conductor, Arranger  
*Lor Crane - Strings, Horns Conductor, Arranger (Track 7)