Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Frame - Frame Of Mind (1972 germany, remarkable psych prog rock)

In retrospect, the German music scene in the early '70s was in some ways open to highly ambitious musicians. This is because not only the minor labels represented by Ohr, Pilz, Brain, etc., but also the major labels such as BASF and Philips opened their doors to them to some extent. If you think about it now, of course, it is true that major investments were not made... Frame, they released this work in 1972 with a relatively major Bellaphone on their back. If you look at the works contained in their album, they contain 8 songs in total, including major songs that are over 11 minutes long. 

Although the hard rock sound accompanied by the organ and melotron is the deepest on the other side, its experimental elements are often noticed, and you can hear performances close to the symphonic rock tendency accompanied by hard performances, so you can hear many kinds of music. It contains elements that will only delight fans. Even jazz-rock elements can be heard in some parts, but not enough to characterize their sound. If you look at the composition of the members, it's Andy Limburger - guitar vocals, piano). Cherry Hochdorfer - keyboard), Peter Lotz - bass vocals), Dieter Berker - vocals, percussion), and Wolfgang Clans - drums, percussion) are the musical core of the group. 

It is playing a keyboard instrument. You can enjoy their performances, and << a masterpiece that makes this album valuable.All Ireally want explain> has a large scale suitable for a long play time of over 11 minutes, and Cherry Hochdorfer's keyboard instrument performance, which is not strong but adds to the taste, along with Andy Lirnburg's savory guitar playing, is a dazzling sound based on technique. It's not, but it delivers a charming performance that remains in the heart. Of course, the guitar performance of Andy Kirnberger, who leads the first half, is also excellent. 

Overall, the sound they pursued can be evaluated as a performance that emphasizes the effort to keep the hard feeling while avoiding the rough sound, and to give a clean performance using keyboard instruments as much as possible.  
1. Frame of Mind - 4:08
2. Crusical Scene - 3:56
3. All I Really Want Explain - 11:15
4. If - 5:07
5. Winter - 5:35
6. Penny for an Old guy - 3:10
7. Childrens Freedom - 2:31
8. Truebsal - 0:18
All compositions by Andy Kirnberger, Cherry Hochdorffer, Peter Lotz, Dieter Becker, Wolfgang Claus

*Andy Kirnberger - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
*Cherry Hochdorffer - Organ, Piano, Mellotron
*Peter Lotz - Bass, Vocals, Percussion
*Dieter Becker - Vocals, Percussion
*Wolfgang Claus - Drums