Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sweet Pants ‎- Fat Peter Presents (1969 us, fine psych rock with humorous aspect)

With its pretty amusing "flasher" cover, the musicalstyle is best described as The Dead meets MaryButterworth, with its seedy organ and a smattering offuzz guitar. One of the few things we do know aboutthe band is that it consisted of 4 guys fromPennsylvania (Drummer Michael Carr, guitarist TonyMolla, bassist Mark Mozzone and Mike Mulloney onkeyboards), the band's only album appeared on theminiscule Barclay Records sometime in 1969.

Only a few hundred copies of this album are known to exist. All the band members leant their compositionaltalents to the enterprise and the combination makesfor a musically solid and satisfying album, although it has to be said the sound is falls rather on the lo-fi side of the audio spectrum.
1. Stars And Bars (Mike Mulloney) - 2:47
2. Tell Me (Tony Molla, Mike Mulloney) - 2:17
3. Poor John (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 3:16
4. Mamma Come Got What You Want  (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 2:39
5. Good To Be Good (Mike Mulloney) - 4:47
6. Trilogy (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 6:00
7. Trilogy II (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 3:33
8. I'm Clean (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 2:07
9. Joe (Michael Carr, Mike Mulloney) - 3:19
10.Enjoy Yourself (Merk Mozzone, Mike Mulloney) - 2:21

The Seet Pants
*Mike Mullowey - Organ, Vocals, Rhythm, Lead Guitars
*Tony Milla - Lead, Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
*Merk Mozzone - Bass, Vocals
*Michael Carrr - Drums, Vocals, Conga

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