Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Foggy - Patchwork Album (1976 uk, delicious acoustic folk, 2014 korean remaster)

In 1974 Danny Clarke teamed up with Liverpulian Rob Jones and formed Foggy and continued in dew-O vein- doing TV concerts but in a more international genre-with wider experiences to inspire the songwriting and making records for the independant labels,which were developing following the monopoly of the 3 major record companies termination. In 1980 Danny and Rob were main line guest artists on the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival -appearing alongside such luminaries as; Sonny Terry & Browny Mcgee -Don Mclean-Ramblin Jack Elliott-Lonnie Donegan-Bob Gibson-Richard Thompson and more..around this period, Danny was offered an art exhibition and invitation to do his one man show 'Watercolour words & Music' which he continues to perform today-always viewing the arts as being interelative he continues to write songs - poetry and create paintings.
1. Eastbound Train (Mateer) - 2:55
2. Blind Beggar Song (Leitch) - 2:07
3. No Time To Stay Around (Clarke, Jones) - 2:40
4. First Love Song (Clarke) - 3:10
5. The Black Rose (Traditional) - 2:23
6. Ballad Of Richard Nixon (Clarke) - 3:19
7. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie (Von Tilzer, Stirling) - 1:05
8. The Last Minstrel Show (Trickett) - 4:52
9. Bells Of Rymney (Davies, Seeger) - 3:13
10.When We Were Good (Paxton) - 2:42
11.The Morning Lies Heavy (Taylor) - 3:01
12.Glory Days (Clarke) - 3:14
13.Givin' It Willie (Jones) - 2:23
14.The Booze, The Bible And The Gun (Jones) - 2:37
15.Woy-Ya-Ya (Osibisa) - 2:02

*Daniel Clarke – Vocals, Acoustic, 12String Guitars
*Rob Jones – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
*Mike Ryal - Bass, Furkel-Box

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